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Ancon Teplo1 Wall Tie - 2D Detail

Ancon Teplo1 Wall Tie - 2D Detail

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    BBA Agrément Certificate

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Low thermal conductivity, basalt-fibre, heavy duty Type 1 TeploTie wall tie for connecting the two leaves of a cavity wall.

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A smart black wall tie with a thermal conductivity of 0.7 W/mK. Manufactured from basalt fibres which are set in a resin matrix, they eliminate the issue of wall ties helping heat escape from the building.

The ties are excluded from U-value calculations to BS EN ISO 6946 (less than 1.0 W/mK), minimizing insulation thickness and wall footprint, and are commonplace on PassivHaus and Zero Carbon developments. The Teplo-BF range is BBA approved and can be used in line with NHBC standards.

The Teplo-BF features moulded safety ends which offer improved buildability and mortar bond strength over the original TeploTie. The enhanced ‘bond’ (improved by up to 80%) makes it ideal for use in slow drying lime mortars. It is available in the same wide range of lengths and types as the original TeploTie, suitable for cavities up to 450 mm and buildings of any height (subject to structural performance). Independently tested to BS EN 845-1:2013.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_84_19 Cavity wall tiesPrimary


F30/214 Cavity wall ties

F30/215 Cavity wall ties used with partial fill insulation

F30/220 Wall ties

F30/24 Cavity wall ties

F30/25 Cavity wall ties used with partial fill insulation

F30/26 Wall ties

Specification data - Cavity wall ties

Product Reference

Ancon Teplo-BF Wall Tie



Tie type to PD 6697: 1, heavy duty.


Tie type to PD 6697: 2, general purpose.


Tie type to PD 6697: 3, basic.


Tie type to PD 6697: 4, light duty.


200 mm

Cavity width: 50–75 mm. Not Teplo-BF3.

225 mm

Cavity width: 76–100 mm. Not Teplo-BF3.

250 mm

Cavity width: 101–125 mm. Not Teplo-BF3.

275 mm

Cavity width: 126–150 mm. Not Teplo-BF3 or Teplo-BF4.

300 mm

Cavity width: 151–175 mm. Teplo-BF2 only.

325 mm

Cavity width: 176–200 mm. Teplo-BF2 only.

350 mm

Cavity width: 201–225 mm. Teplo-BF2 only.

375 mm

Cavity width: 226–250 mm. Teplo-BF2 only.

400 mm

Cavity width: 251–275 mm. Teplo-BF2 only.

425 mm

Cavity width: 276–300 mm. Teplo-BF2 only.

450 mm

Cavity width: 301–325 mm. Teplo-BF3 only.

475 mm

Cavity width: 326–350 mm. Teplo-BF3 only.

500 mm

Cavity width: 351–375 mm. Teplo-BF3 only.

525 mm

Cavity width: 376–400 mm. Teplo-BF3 only.

550 mm

Cavity width: 401–425 mm. Teplo-BF4 only.

575 mm

Cavity width: 426–450 mm. Teplo-BF4 only.

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