Ancon Resin Anchor

Ancon Resin Anchor

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A two-part resin anchor system.

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The system comprises a cartridge, containing a two-part system of vinylester resin and hardener, which mixes in the nozzle during pumping. Suitable for use with most materials including concrete, blockwork and brickwork.

General information


Two-part vinylester resin and hardener

Austenitic stainless steel bolts

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_29_03_17 Chemical anchor cartridgesPrimary


F30/290 Proprietary special fixings

Specification data - Chemical anchor cartridges

Product Reference

FIS VT06/10-75 Resin Anchor

M6 x 75 mm long overall.

FIS VT08/13-110 Resin Anchor

M8 x 110 mm long overall.

FIS VT10/20-130 Resin Anchor

M10 x 130 mm long overall.

FIS VT12/25-160 Resin Anchor

M12 x 160 mm long overall.

FIS VT16/35-190 Resin Anchor

M16 x 190 mm long overall.

FIS VT20/65-260 Resin Anchor

M20 x 260 mm long overall.

Standard product features


  • Two-part vinylester resin and hardener.
  • Austenitic stainless steel bolts.

Third party certifications
  • CE Marked
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