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Ancon Bartec Plus Weldable Coupler

Bartec Plus welded couplers provide a convenient means of connecting reinforcing bars to structural steel plates or sections. One end has the Bartec Plus thread form; the other end is prepared for welding to the steel.

The coupler is suitable for welding to structural steels BS EN 10025, Grade S275 (43A) or Grade S355 (Grade 50B), however the load conditions at the connection must be determined by the designer responsible for this structural element, along with the type and size of weld required.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_96_71_51 Mechanical reinforcement couplersPrimary


E30/260 Proprietary mechanical couplers

Specification data - Mechanical reinforcement couplers

Product Reference

Ancon Bartec Plus Weldable Coupler



Weldable coupler. Bar diameter: 16 mm. Coupler length: 40 mm. Thread: M20x2.5.


Weldable coupler. Bar diameter: 20 mm. Coupler length: 48 mm. Thread: M24x3.0.


Weldable coupler. Bar diameter: 25 mm. Coupler length: 60 mm. Thread: M30x3.5.


Weldable coupler. Bar diameter: 32 mm. Coupler length: 72 mm. Thread: M36x4.0.


Weldable coupler. Bar diameter: 40 mm. Coupler length: 90 mm. Thread: M45x4.5.

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