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Ancon Bartec Plus Transition Couplers

Bartec Plus transition couplers can be used to connect reinforcing bars of differing diameters, developing the full tensile strength of the smaller diameter bar together with the enhanced fatigue resistance.

For transition connections, only the smaller diameter bar end is enlarged and thread-rolled.

The larger diameter bar is simply skimmed and thread-rolled with the same thread form as applied to the smaller diameter bar, excluding the 32–40 mm connection. Refer to the table for thread and coupler details.

The threads are such that the cross-sectional area of the bar ends are not reduced beyond that of the smaller diameter bar, thus ensuring the strength of the connection matches or exceeds that of the smaller bar.

- Bartec Plus Type A:

  • Utilizes an internally threaded coupler to join two cold-forged and thread-rolled bar ends together. Each bar end is threaded to half the length of the coupler.
  • Used where the continuation bar can be rotated.

- Bartec Plus Type B:

  • Utilizes the same coupler as for the Type A, the difference being one bar end is threaded for the full coupler length.
  • Used where the continuation bar can be rotated for no more than one revolution.

- Bartec Plus Type C:

  • Utilizes the same coupler as for the Type A, together with locknuts and longer threads to the bar ends.
  • Used where the continuation bar cannot be rotated.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_96_71_51 Mechanical reinforcement couplersPrimary


E30/260 Proprietary mechanical couplers

Specification data - Mechanical reinforcement couplers

Product Reference

Ancon Bartec Plus Transition Couplers



Bar diameter: 16/20 mm. Coupler length: 40 mm. Thread: M20x2.5.


Bar diameter: 20/25 mm. Coupler length: 48 mm. Thread: M24x3.0.


Bar diameter: 25/32 mm. Coupler length: 60 mm. Thread: M30x3.5.


Bar diameter: 32/40 mm. Coupler length: 72 mm. Thread: M36x4.0/ M40x4.0.


Not required


Transition locknut. Bar diameter: 16/20 mm. Locknut length: 13 mm. Thread: M20x2.5.


Transition locknut. Bar diameter: 20/25 mm. Locknut length: 16 mm. Thread: M24x3.0.


Transition locknut. Bar diameter: 25/32 mm. Locknut length: 20 mm. Thread: M30x3.5.


Transition locknut. Bar diameter: 32 mm. Locknut length: 24 mm. Thread: M36x4.0.


Transition locknut. Bar diameter: 40 mm. Locknut length: 30 mm. Thread: M40x4.0.

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