Aluminium Rail and Pedestal System for Paving

For use with MegaPad and MiniPad Paving Support Pads.


Adjustable pedestal and aluminium rail joist system for supporting paving.

Includes integrated clip and locking mechanism for fixing the aluminium joist into adjustable height Minipads or Megapads. An additional headpiece clips onto the rail to hold tiles or paving slabs.

Features and benefits:

  • Includes aluminium box detailed rail, 20 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm high - 60 mm wide.
  • Rail length 2 m, 2.5 m as standard, up to 5 m lengths available.
  • Pedestal headpiece clips are installed on the headpiece of the pedestal.
  • Fully integrated, mechanical fixing free substructure.
  • Greatly enhances lateral stability.
  • Allows pedestals to be placed at larger centres whilst maintaining weight tolerance.
  • Faster installation of slabs and tiles.
  • Additional headpiece clips are fixed onto upper side of rail, and can be positioned by sliding along the rail. Comprises four positioning lugs to support and separate paving slabs or tiles.
  • Supports porcelain and natural stone along the whole length of the rail, and brings additional lateral stability to the pedestal system.
  • Quick to install.
  • Very high weight tolerance: 1560 kg, with a break point of 2057 kg.


For use with MegaPad and MiniPad Paving Support Pads.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_47_22 Decking and paving pedestalsPrimary


J21/467 Support system for precast concrete paving slabs

J21/85 Precast concrete paving slabs

J31/370 Precast concrete paving slabs

J31/375 Paving tiles

J31/377 Support system for paving slabs or tiles

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Specification data - Decking and paving pedestals

Product Reference

Aluminium Rail and Pedestal System for Paving

Pedestal height

10–20 mm

10–25 mm

22–30 mm

28–40 mm

35–50 mm

50–75 mm

75–120 mm

115–220 mm

215–320 mm

315–420 mm

415–520 mm

515–620 mm

615–720 mm

715–820 mm

815–920 mm

915–1020 mm


Not required

Slope corrector, 1%

Slope corrector, 2%

Slope corrector, 3%

Standard product features


Aluminium box profiled rail with upper and lower horizontal ledges to fit into headpiece clips.

Rail sizes:

Alternative rail lengths available as non-standard products.

Additional headpiece:

  • Diameter: 120 mm.
  • Lug dimensions: 4 x 10 mm; 2 x 10 mm.

Pedestal head diameter:

150 mm.

Pedestal base plate diameter:

  • Megapads: 200 mm.
  • Minipads: 150 mm.

Pedestal to integrated rail clip height:

5 mm.

Pedestal to integrated rail clip width:

60 mm.

Pedestal loading:

  • Minipad: 683 kg.
  • Megapad: 1560 kg.

Product Options


- Slope correctors:

Multiple slope correctors can be combined for larger falls.

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