Aluminium Door MasterLine 8 System

MasterLine 8 is a highly insulated door system which meets the British and European standards for thermal insulation, weather resistance, stability, acoustic performance and security.

A complete range of solutions for all types of inward and outward opening, flush and window doors, it can be combined with MasterLine 8 windows, CP 130 and CP155 sliding systems - consult manufacturer for details.

Features and benefits:

  • Inward or outward opening, rebated flush and window doors.
  • Low level rebated and flat threshold options available.
  • High intensity door option for higher requirement purposes in the standard portfolio.
  • Anti-finger trap door styles available for safety in use.
  • Full range of single and multi-point lock options available with exposed or concealed hinge arrangements.
  • Drained and ventilated glazing with extruded ethlylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) synthetic rubber gaskets.
  • A full range of polyester powder coat colours and anodized finishes available.
  • Dual colour available offering a different colour inside and out.
  • Weather stripped profiles with polyamide thermal breaks.
  • High insulation variant available.
  • Ten-year systems guarantee provided as standard.
  • Meets the very stringent requirements to be awarded the Secured by Design accreditation.


  • Air permeability: Up to 600 Pa (class 4).
  • Wind load resistance: Up to 1200 Pa (class C2).
  • Water tightness: Up to 300 Pa (class 7A).
  • Acoustic performance: Rw (C;Ctr) = Up to 36 (-2;-5) dB/ 41 (-1;-4) dB, depending on the glazing type.

Thermal insulation (to BS EN 10077-2):

  • Double glazing: 1.5 W/m²K (Uw depending on the frame/ vent combination and glass unit specification).
  • Triple glazing: 1.2 W/m²K (Uw depending on the frame/ vent combination and glass unit specification).


PAS 24:2016 (UK Secured By Design Standard) and RC2, RC3/ WK2, WK3 (European standard EN(V)1627–EN(V)1630 (windows).


  • Fixings must ensure the door is retained securely within the opening without damage or distortion to the door frame.
  • Generally, fasteners should be positioned 150 mm from each corner and each mullion/ transom, and at centres not exceeding 600 mm.

General information


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Uniclass 2015

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L20/280 Doors

L20/60 Doors

Specification data - Metal doorsets

Product Reference

Aluminium Door MasterLine 8

Thermally enhanced three-chamber system.

Aluminium Door MasterLine 8-HI

Thermally improved three-chamber system.

Aluminium Door MasterLine 8-HI+

Extra thermally improved three-chamber system.

Aluminium Door MasterLine 8 Panel

With insulated panels and robust profiles.

Aluminium Door MasterLine 8 Panic Door

Aluminium Door MasterLine 8 Passive House

Provides excellent air tightness and insulation values


Single leaf door

Double leaf doors


Open-in, flush

Open-in, window-door

Open-out, flush

Open-out, window-door


Flat aluminium with brush seal

Low-level for high usage doors.

Low level rebated

Double weather seal.


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Polyester powder coated




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Glazing details

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Horizon handles

Shield handles

Standard handles

Touch handles


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Standard product features


Frame and components:

  • Aluminium profiles extruded from EN AW-6060 (AlMgSi0.5 F22) aluminium alloy to comply with BS EN 573-3 and BS EN 573-4.
  • Designed and manufactured to comply with BS 4873.
  • Door vent frame members are 87 mm front to back and mitre cut at 45°. All corner joints are assembled with screwed corner cleats, thermal corner supports and rebate supports and glued. All joints are glued sealed during fabrication against water entry. Consult manufacturer for further details.
  • Profiles are insulated with polyamide strips, 25% glass fibre reinforced to BUtgb approval, separating the internal and external faces, mechanically jointed and glued to form a single compound profile with a minimum shearing force of 30 N/mm (statistic average).
  • Dry glazed to accommodate a wide range of single, double and triple glazing units with internal clip-in aluminium glazing beads.
  • Extruded synthetic rubber ethlylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) weather-stripping gaskets to DIN 7863 and ISO 3934, set in undercut grooves in the frame and vent.
  • CE marked, and fully compliant with the EU Construction Products Directive (CPD) to the relevant product standard BS EN 14351-1 for windows and doors and BS EN 13830 for curtain walls.
  • Reynaers Aluminium guarantees that the Reynaers Aluminium systems meet the technical specifications and standards of the country and the product in question. The current processing and maintenance regulations mentioned in the Reynaers Aluminium catalogues determine the extent of this ten-year guarantee (five-year guarantee for wearing parts). Consult manufacturer for details.

Product Options

Maximum vent size (h x w):

3000 x 1400 mm.


  • Profiles powder coated in a range of RAL or ‘Coatex’ colours to APA Qualicoat standard or BS EN 12206-1.
  • Anodized in satin or bronze colours to EWAA/ EURAS-Qualanod standard or BS 3987.
  • Profiles can be finished with different internal and external colours, powder coated or anodized.


  • 6–62 mm single, double or triple glazing options. Contact the glass supplier for details of the glazing unit including, spacer type and dimension, glass type (emissivity, safety, solar, g value and energy factors), thickness and weight.
  • Glass to be set against extruded ethlylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber gaskets retained in undercut grooves within the aluminium profile and clip-in glazing beads.


- Horizon handles:

Available anodized, or powder coated in one of 250+ RAL colours.

- Shield handles:

Available in unpolished, natural anodized colour.

- Touch handles:

Create an aesthetic look with this minimalist timeless design, tailored to the needs of contemporary living, without sacrificing ease of use. The finishes (anodization or powder coatings) are endless for each type and ensure a uniform look that fits into any type of architecture.


- Overhead closer:

A mechanical device to assist in door closing, which may include variable resistance to opening forces and successfully type-tested for conformity to the requirements of BS EN 1154.

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