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Aluminium Click-on Battens - Curved Wall

Aluminium Click-on Battens - Curved Wall

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Offering a wide range of finishes to complement the durable and lightweight properties of aluminium, this system provides a fire-rated linear texture for any project.

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Our system is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.


The modular system uses mounting rails with clips at pre-determined spacings to fix the aluminium battens in place. The battens use a simple push-fit connection to engage with the clips, resulting in fast installation and completely concealed fixings.

Our Click-on Batten system allows you to specify a combination of our profiles, finishes and any spacing required to create a look unique to your project.

Use our online Price & Spec tool to quickly specify projects, using the simple drag and drop interface to create your design. Price and specification data is generated in real-time, then easily exported in PDF format.

Curved walls are simple with the Click-on Batten system due to the specially designed curving mounting track. Depending on the width of the batten used, different minimum radii can be achieved

General information


Various colours available.

Colours have been reproduced as accurately as possible, we recommend that you request product samples before making your final selection.



We offer both Real Timber Veneer and Wood Finish options across all our profiles of aluminium Click-on Battens. Both of these options provide a natural timber aesthetic while taking advantage of the strengths of aluminium, including Group 1 and non-combustible fire ratings.

Real timber veneer

Wood finish




Click-on Battens are available in various sizes in Linear profiles.



Click-on Battens are available in various sizes in Block and Tube profiles.



Sculptform provides the following warranties for its products on a project specific basis. The period and terms of the warranties are divided into the four (4) categories below. Your project may include one or more of the following categories. 

Internal Applications – 7 years.


Ss_25_25_45_47 Linear wall lining systems


Ss_25_50_45_30 Facade-aligned brise soleil systems

NATSPEC National Classification System

0520 Partitions - Combined

0511 Lining


09260 Dry Wall Partitions and Linings


09260 Dry Wall Partitions and Linings

Specification data - Linear wall lining systems

Acoustic infills

Acoustic backing panels can be incorporated into the system to not only be a great acoustic solution but also replaces the need to plaster and paint a wall or ceiling behind the battens, saving time and money.  Acoustic panels may require back kerfing or skiving to be more formable around the curved surface.

Acoustic backing panels.

Direct fix frame

When battens are required to be fixed individually without a mounting track, this direct fix clip allows this versatility by directly screwing to the substrate. The mounting track rigidity relies on the framework behind it. This is custom designed and project dependant. 


Swivel return

Our Swivel Clip can be used to fix battens at any desired angle.

Fire performance:

Sculptform Aluminium achieves a Group 1 rating as per Section 9 (n) of AS 5637.1-2015, the determination of the group number is based on the AS/NZS 3837-1998 test, and is deemed valid in the cone calorimeter for the assignment of National Construction Code (NCC) group number.


Sculptform’s Aluminium is deemed non-combustible according to the test criteria specified in Clause 3.4 of AS 1530.1-1994. According to the NCC, for a product to be deemed non-combustible the Spread of Flame Index needs to be 0. Aluminium not deemed combustible, and tested to AS/NZS 1530.1 and AS/NZS 1530.3. Test reports available on request.



Aluminium batten typically require very little maintenance. The one exception is in high salt environments (such as coastal) where a freshwater washdown every 12 months may be required. Maintenance requirements dependant on finish type and proximity to coast. Please refer to the product data sheet for more information.



Wrap around external corners require the use of a specifically designed corner clip which simply clicks into a mitred mounting track corner.



Aluminium battens can be supplied at any lengths required up to 6m.


Access covers

Our batten system allows several options when dealing with access requirements. These methods are similar for solid timber battens and aluminium battens. Battens are usually cut on site to ensure the required panel dimensions. Timber and aluminium battens require different cutting techniques and it is important to use the correct equipment and blades.



Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform.


Mounting track.


Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Click on Battens - Technical Datasheet

Click on Battens - Technical Datasheet

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