Aluminium Capping Strip - QC7A

Cove formers and capping strips are used in conjunction to allow floorcoverings to be continued up the wall for a neat and clean finish.


  • Installed where the floorcovering ends, providing a neat and sealed finish to the installation.
  • Available in aluminium, suitable for use with a wide range of floorcovering gauges.
  • Available in several colours to complement floorcovering colours.
  • A combined cove/ capping profile is also available.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_43_59 Metal skirtingsPrimary


M50/770 Skirtings

M50/80 Skirtings

Specification data - Metal skirtings

Product Reference

Aluminium Capping Strip for Resilient Floorcovering

Standard product features


Adhesive; consult manufacturer for details.

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