The ALU-12E77 model of aluminium roller shutter combines strength with aesthetics. Made from 77 mm extruded aluminium, the shutter is larger than the ALU-1237 and can be upgraded to LPS1175 Security Level 2. The product can also be punched or perforated to allow for vision/ airflow if required. Ideally suited to commercial or residential properties where aesthetics and upgraded security is important, the shutters can be programmed to run off a variety of control methods. If insulation and sound reduction are more important, the ALU-12T77 model may be more appropriate.

Secured by Design approved, LPS1175 SR2.

General information


Maximum width: 6500 mm; insert requirements.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_84_73 Roller shuttersPrimary


L20/60 Doors

L20/610 Roller shutters/ curtains

Specification data - Roller shutters

Product Reference


Curtain type


Punched with polycarbonate inserts



Maximum width: 6500 mm; insert requirements.







Insert requirement.


Insert requirement.

Standard product features


Double-skinned 77 mm extruded aluminium.

Blind surface:

77 mm.


8.5 kg/m².

Width (maximum):

6500 mm.

Surface area (maximum):

25 m².

Vertical side guides/ bottom slat:

Extruded aluminium bottom slat with EPDM weather seal. Guide channels with brush infill.

Enclosure/ housing:

Manufactured from roll formed aluminium with a stove-enamelled finish. End caps are pressure-moulded aluminium alloy.

Shutter height:

  • 2700 mm – Box size: 300 mm.
  • 5000 mm – Box size: 360 mm.


Electric: Single phase tubular motor and wall switch as standard. Numerous options such as group or remote control etc. Manual override facility as required. Manual operation is available but not common for the ALU-12E77 since the large area usually covered by the ALU-12E77 contributes to the weight of the shutter.

Manufacturing standards:

  • Fully CE marked.
  • Mechanical aspects: BS EN 12604, safety in use of power assisted doors.
  • Side guide protection: BS EN 12604-4.5.1 and BS EN 12453-
  • Protection: Against crushing, shearing or drawing in.
  • Electrical safety: Depending on use.
  • Watertightness: To BS EN 12489.
  • Resistance to windload: To BS EN 12444.
  • Thermal resistance: To BS EN 12428.
  • Air permeability: To BS EN 12427.
  • Opto safety edge self-monitoring: To BS EN 12453-
  • Anti-fall back device: To BS EN 12453-
  • Durability of mechanical performance: To BS EN 12635-
  • Installation instructions: To BS EN 12635-

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