Altro Proof™

An easy to apply epoxy surface damp-proofing membrane, suitable for use on substrates of high moisture content with a relative humidity of 75–97%. Allows for the early installation of floor coverings, providing protection from residual construction moisture and water vapour. The effective, single-coat application saves time and offers high performance without the need for additional coats or increased application thickness.

Has high adhesion to concrete under adverse conditions and is an effective solution to progressing fast track construction (over green concrete) and refurbishment projects (on existing substrates).

Variations include:

  • Altro Proof standard.
  • Altro Proof fast-track: Fast curing system that offers time savings and enables levelling/ smoothing compounds to be laid in the same day.

Altro safety flooring, resin systems, smooth vinyl and rubber floorings are suitable for installing directly over Altro Proof. Typically these are used in conjunction with a water resistant levelling screed which may be applied on the same day. Suitable water resistant smoothing compounds may be applied beneath Altro Proof. Consult manufacturer for details.


Bond Strength to BS EN 4264:3.5.


  • New ground supported concrete should incorporate an integral physical functioning DPM within the construction in accordance with building regulations.
  • Substrates should be dry, structurally sound and free from contamination, friable materials, laitance and contaminants which may affect either the adhesion or penetration of the Altro Proof system. All residues of old paint coatings and dust must be fully removed mechanically in order to achieve maximum adhesion.
  • Substrates should achieve 26 N/mm² compressive strength (BS EN 12504-2:) and surface tensile strength 1.5 N/mm² (BS EN 13892-8:).

General information

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J30/10 Cold applied damp proofing

J30/130 Cold applied damp proofing . . . . . .

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Altro Proof fast-track

Altro Proof standard