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Ali VU Casement Window


Suitable for both domestic and large-scale residential projects and is complemented by the Ali FOLD door range. The stepped face option also means that it is a modern, energy efficient replacement for heritage style steel windows in both commercial and residential buildings.


A slimline aluminium window with a polyamide thermal break giving high thermal efficiency. Available with many design options, Ali VU’s strong, slim frame has a sightline of just 38 mm (fixed light) or 66 mm (standard vent) and is available in sizes up to 1400 x 1400 mm to give the widest views and maximize daylight. Tested to PAS 24, BS 6375-1, BS 6375-2 and BS 6375-3.

Constructed using mitred corners, joined with crimped cleats; alignment chevrons assist in clean, accurate mitres. Integral transoms and mullions are scribed around the outer frames and fixed with either screwports or shearblocks. A proprietary sealant is used on all metal joints. Opening window frames are designed to be inserted directly into the outer frames using friction stays.

Features and benefits:

  • High-performance polyamide thermal barrier providing thermal transmittance (U-values) as low as 1.1 W/m²K when calculated as a domestic CEN Standard window.
  • Designed to achieve triple glazed A+ Window Energy Rating; double glazed A Window Energy Rating.
  • Available in a large range of colours and finishes both inside and out.
  • Choice of square or chamfered beads.
  • Radius, flat-faced and stepped vent options.
  • Standard, feature (ovolo style) or flush with standard or deep outer frames available.
  • Available with a range of sills, baypoles and corner posts to create a diverse range of bay window designs.
  • Sizes up to a tested maximum of 1400 x 1400 mm, for larger sizes contact manufacturer.
  • Fully compatible with any Senior door and curtain wall systems.
  • Life expectancy of 40 years.
  • Thermal barriers: Polyamide manufactured in accordance with PA66 GF25.
  • Gaskets: Manufactured in accordance with BS 3734.

General information



Powder coated



Framing sections: Extruded aluminium alloy 6060 or 6063 T6 to BS EN 755-9 or BS EN 12020-2.


1400 x 1400 mm



Pr_30_59_98_02 Aluminium window unitsPrimary


L10/25 Aluminium windows

L10/330 Aluminium windows

Product range

Ali VU Window System

Specification data - Aluminium window units Enhanced data


To BS 6375-1, BS 6375-2 and BS 6375-3, BS 3734.

Third-party certification

To PAS 24.

Dimensions and configurations

Maximum size (w x h):

  • Side hung: 950 x 1400 mm.
  • Top hung: 1400 x 1400 mm.

As drawing.

Insert reference.

As schedule.

Insert reference.

Not applicable.

For fixed light.

Side hung.

Top hung.

Product performance


Weather performance


Air permeability

To BS 6375-1, 600 Pa.


To BS 6375-1, 600 Pa.

Resistance to wind load

To BS 6375-1, 1600 Pa.



Security level

To PAS 24.



Whole window U-value

U-values varies depending on type and size of window; average U-values available are:

- Residential CEN standard (1230 x 1480 mm):

  • 28 mm double glazed unit: 1.50 W/m²K.
  • 44 mm triple glazed unit: 1.10 W/m²K.

Consult manufacturer for infomation and insert requirement.


British Fenestration Rating Council Window Energy Rating


Double glazed unit: Capable of achieving A rating.


Triple glazed unit: Capable of achieving A+ rating.




Feature (ovolo style).

Flush, deep.

Flush, standard.


Finish as delivered



Anodized to BS EN 3987, polished.

Anodized to BS EN 3987, satin.

Powder coating to BS EN 12206-1.


Insert requirements, available in a limited RAL range. Consult manufacturer for information.

Film thickness (minimum)

25 microns.

AA25, for anodizing only.

40 microns.

For powder coating only.

60 microns.

Powder coating only, for marine environments.


Flat faced.


36 mm maximum glass thickness. Consult manufacturer for details.


36 mm maximum glass thickness. Consult manufacturer for details.

Glazing or infill



Glazing type: Double glazed or Triple glazed.

Glazing method: Externally glazed or Internally glazed.

Glazing thickness:

  • Minimum: 28 mm.
  • Maximum: 48 mm.

Beading: Chamfered or Square.






Product Reference

Ali VU Casement Window


Fixed light.

Open out.

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