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Albany HS9030GHY High Speed Door

Designed for interior applications in humid or corrosive environments, and in the food industry where hygiene demands are high. Requires very little space, and it is the most space-efficient solution available in the market. The operating speed combined with its sealing properties improves traffic flow and saves energy.

System includes four primary parts; door curtain, side columns, header box and operating system.

General information

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Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_24_38 High-speed doorsetsPrimary

L20/570 High speed doors

Specification data - High-speed doorsets
Product Reference

Albany HS9030GHY High Speed Door


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Curtain colour

Black, RAL 9005

Blue, RAL 5002

Green, RAL 6005

Grey, RAL 7035

Orange, RAL 2004

Red, RAL 3000

White, RAL 9010

Yellow, RAL 1003



Automatic and manual, switch

Automatic and manual, pull rope

Automatic and manual, impulse buttons



Automatic closing

External push button box


Magnetic loop


Reduced opening

Pull-rope switch

Remote control

Safety photocells, one channel

Safety photocells, two channels

PVC vision panel

Not required

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Acoustic signal

Monitoring system

Traffic lights

Red and green.

UPS battery backup

Warning light, green

Warning light, orange

Warning light, red

Standard product features

Size (w x h maximum):

3500 x 3500 mm. Other sizes available upon request.


  • Frame: Galvanized steel.
  • Safety: Photocells in side columns. Flexible soft bottom edge including wireless safety edge and break-away and self-repair function.
  • Operation: Operator and control unit.

Door curtain:

Constructed from one single piece of 900 g/m² PVC fabric which rolls up above the door opening and requires little space.

- Top:

The top of the fabric is connected to a fabric roll, located in the header box above the door opening.

- Bottom:

Flexible bottom edge of the door curtain does not contain any stiffeners, making the door curtain completely safe as the curtain moulds itself in case a person is trapped below the closing door.

- Sides:

Left and right sides of the door curtain are constructed with a patented retaining strap. If the door is hit by a vehicle, a part of this retaining strap is pulled out of the side column.

Self repair system:

Equipped with an automatic repair system. If a door is hit by a vehicle during operation, the resistant door curtain absorbs the impact and releases itself from its side guides without damage. The door reinserts itself automatically within the next open and close cycle.

Operating speed (maximum):

  • Opening: 2.7 m/s.
  • Closing: 0.5 m/s.

Wind load resistance to BS EN 12424:

450 N/m² (Class 2).

Water penetration to BS EN 12425:

>50 N/m² (Class 3).

Air permeability to BS EN 12426:

6 m³/m²/h at 50 Pa (Class 3).

Thermal transmittance to BS EN 12428:

6.02 W/m²K.

Electrical requirements:

  • Supply: 220–240 V.
  • Power: 0.75 kW 16 A.
  • Protection: Operator: IP 65, Control unit: IP 54.

Product Options

Vision panel/ windows:

The door curtain can be equipped with windows or vision panels. Windows have fixed sizes (640 x 580 mm) and are located on a pre-defined grid. A vision panel (400 or 800 mm high) is always located on the full width of the door curtain with its centre height at the industry standard 1600 mm.


A wide range of control options are available for various control functions, refer to technical literature for exact details.


- Monitoring system:

  • Helps to ensure efficiency and security in daily operations. All doors or docking stations are connected to the Monitoring System’s server, which gives the opportunity to supervise, monitor and report a wide variety of aspects in a facility.
  • Reduces energy costs and contributes to a better environment.
  • Can automatically ensure that all doors are closed and locked when they need to be. Can also activate all doors and locks from its remote location, and give a real-time overview of the building’s situation.
  • Also offers a dock management feature enhancing efficiency at a logistics facility.