Akustik 1 + Sylomer®

These acoustic hangers have been conceived for the suspension of false ceilings, vibrating pipelines and machinery that has to be suspended. The Akustik 1 + Sylomer® mount is manufactured in different densities of Sylomer® to give a loading range up to 30kg and achievable natural frequencies down to 14Hz.

The excellent properties of the Sylomer® microcellular polyurethane material achieve elevated isolation values as opposed to other mounts that use rubber, cork, or a combination of both. These antivibration mounts are manufactured in two special mixes of Sylomer® to adapt better to the load of each application.

Available with two options of metal fixing brackets to facilitate the assembly and adapt better to each type of installation. Supplied with an anticorrosive treatment they can withstand the toughest environments and tensile stresses from 650Kg to 1000Kg.

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