Advantage® for Gutters


Suitable for refurbishing metal, asbestos, bitumen and membrane lined gutters.


A single component solvent-free gutter coating system using a moisture cured hybrid coating with added fibres, that is damp tolerant during application and is easily recoated. It provides UV and mechanical protection while working with the thermal movement required from temperature changes that are experienced throughout the year.

Features and benefits:

  • Damp tolerant during application.
  • Solvent and VOC free.
  • Easy re-coating.
  • Isocyanate free.
  • Applied in a single coat.
  • No shrinkage on curing.
  • Contains fibres for enhanced tear strength.
  • Can be applied at temperatures between 3–60°C.
  • Handles normal thermal movement with a high elasticity.
  • Minimum weight gain after application.
  • High weather and UV resistance for this one coat system.
  • Years of corrosion and waterproof protection that can increase gutter life.
  • Long term reliability due to excellent adhesion and UV resistance.
  • Latent Defect Insurance from Lloyds.

General information



Anthracite Grey.




Single component, moisture cured.


15 years

Full UK underwritten latent defects insurance to cover total contract value including labour, materials and access.

Uniclass 2015

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H30/234 Gutters

H31/234 Gutters

R10/11 Aluminium gutters

R10/110 Gravity rainwater drainage system

R10/121 Siphonic rainwater drainage system

R10/130 Pressure-assisted rainwater drainage system

R10/345 Gutter linings

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