ACO S100 Range

A heavy duty, precast polymer concrete channel drainage system with cast-in, ductile iron edge rails, heavy duty gratings with eight bolts per metre, sump unit, accessories and unions to sub surface drainage. Suitable for roads (slow moving traffic), airports, industrial, bus, coach and freight yards, military bases – especially suitable where heavy vehicles are turning – up to BS EN 1433 load class F900.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_24_24 Drainage channels with gratingsPrimary


Q10/180 Drainage channel systems with gratings

Q10/30 Drainage channel system

Specification data - Drainage channels with gratings

Product Reference




Type of fall

Constant invert

Pre-sloped invert

Stepped invert


Drain union, PVC-U

Drain union oval to round, PVC-U

Foul air trap, PVC-U

Roddable trap, PVC-U


110 mm diameter

160 mm diameter


Sump unit with sediment bucket

Endcap, closing piece

Endcap, inlet/ outlet

Step connectors

Gully assembly comprising top, base, bucket and grating



Load class F900

772 Slotted heavy duty ductile iron grating

774 ‘Heelguard™’ heavy duty ductile iron

776 Intercept heavy duty ductile iron

Load class E600

778 Solid ductile iron cover

Standard product features

Nominal size:

Nominal bore 100 mm.

Product Options


Only available in ductile iron in two different load classes.

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