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MultiDrain M100D Channel Footpath Drainage is a polymer concrete channel drainage system to convey discharge from gutter downpipes across a footpath to the road edge. The system includes 100 mm wide shallow channels and accessories to permit the connection of downpipes and the discharge through a kerb face into the road gutter. The channels are available in two depths and can be specified with galvanized edge rails or stainless steel edge rails.


  • Choice of depth and outlets.
  • Simple and fast to install.

General information

Choice of depth and outlets

Simple and fast to install

Uniclass 2015
Drainage channels with gratings (Pr_65_52_24_24)Primary
Specification data - Drainage channels with gratings
Product Reference

M100D 075

Galvanized steel edged channel 75 mm deep.

M100DS 075

Stainless steel edged channel 75 mm deep.

M100D 0100

Galvanized steel edged channel 100 mm deep.

M100DS 0100

Stainless steel edged channel 100 mm deep.

Invert depth

55 mm

80 mm


CFD 0100 Downpipe connector

CFD 075 Downpipe connector

CFD Kerb outlet – bull-nose

CFD Kerb outlet – half batter

Standard product features


Constant invert level or laid to fall.


  • Load class (BS EN 1433): D400.
  • Solid ductile iron.

Nominal bore size:

100 mm.

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