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Abutment Ventilation System

The Marley top abutment ventilation system components allow continuous ventilation at a top abutment, equivalent to not less than 5000 mm²/m, for plain tile, profiled (single lap interlocking) tile and double lap slate lean-to roofs.

The system consists of PVCU ventilated ridge battens, filler units (unventilated fillers provide a dry fix solution without ventilation) and a lead flashing support strip.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_29_02 Abutment ventilatorsPrimary


H60/675 Top edge ventilated abutments

H60/72 Top edge ventilated abutments

Specification data - Abutment ventilators

Product Reference

Top abutment ventilation system

Ridge batten

Plain tile batten

Filler units

Double lap slate filler, vented

Plain tile filler, vented

Flashing support

Lead support strip

Standard product features

Free air ventilation:

5000 mm²/lin. m.