ABG Sudspave 40®


Designed for infill with either grass or gravel. Its high performance characteristics make it suitable for a very wide range of applications, such as:

  • SuDS source control;
  • Fire access routes;
  • Grass car parks;
  • Gravel car parks;
  • Lay-bys;
  • Residential parking;
  • Tram subgrades;
  • Slope reinforcement;
  • Swale reinforcement;
  • Pedestrian/ cycle paths;
  • Airfields/ helipads;
  • Golf courses;
  • Camping sites;
  • Paddocks and stables;
  • Driveways;
  • Garden pathways;
  • Pond banks;
  • Infiltration trenches.


A system of interlocking cellular paving units designed for the stabilization of trafficked grass or gravel surfaces; offering a cost-effective, robust and aesthetic solution for many applications where gravel retention or grass reinforcement is required and where source-control of surface water forms part of a Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) design).

Designed to be installed onto a stone sub-base construction incorporating Geogrids to minimize material and construction costs, the paving units may also be considered for ‘reduced-dig’ applications where the depth of excavation has been limited due to archaeological or SSSI concerns, or in tree-root protection zones.

To aid rapid installation, four individual ABG Sudspave units form a pre-connected 1 m² section and the paving system clips and locks together to provide a continuous integral surface which is able to resist deformation and dislocation. The paving units can be filled with either angular gravel for a hard wearing surface or with a formulated growing medium into which grass seed is sown to provide a vegetated finish suitable for occasional trafficking.

Features and benefits:

  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Pre-connected for rapid installation.
  • UK manufactured.
  • Infilled with grass or gravel to suit project requirements.

General information










500 x 500 x 40 mm

Cell: 70 x 70 mm (49 openings per unit)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_60_61 Plastics cellular paversPrimary
Ss_30_14_90_11 Cellular plastics grass-filled paving systems
Ss_45_35_45_70 Reinforced grass planting systems


Q25/185 Gravel filled plastics paving system

Q25/180 Plastics grass reinforcing paving system

Q30/361 Reinforced grass system

Q25/350 Plastics pavers

Specification data - Plastics cellular pavers Enhanced data

Physical properties



Recycled plastics.



Top surface finish




Paver type

Regular plan form, rectangular.

Interlocking features

Integrated interlocking features.



Plan size

500 x 500 mm.

Cell: 70 x 70 mm (49 openings per unit).

Thickness (minimum)

40 mm.

Wall thickness: 4 mm.

Load carrying capacity (minimum)

Compressive strength (filled): 3000 kN/m². Permissible axle load: 210 kN/ axle.

Nominal weight

1.4 kg/ paving unit.

Sub-base layer

Sub-base: DoT Type 3, Type 1x, Type 4/40 or Type 1 (with appropriate drainage). Sub-base thickness: 100–350 mm.

Upper filter/ separator geotextile

ABG Terrex NW8 Geotextile, 1 mm thick.

Not required.

Sub-base reinforcement

Abgrid Geogrid.

Not required.

Lower filter/ separator geotextile

ABG Terrex NW8 Geotextile, 1 mm thick.

Not required.

Sub-base attenuation

Geomembrane containment system and geotextile protection.

Not required.

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