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Step lift suitable for both internal and external applications with a maximum vertical travel distance of 1000 mm. With half height gate at the upper landing and an automatic retaining ramp at the opposite end, the unit is suitable for all wheelchair users with a capacity of 300 kg.

Special finishes include brushed stainless steel handrails, glass upper gate and special colour alternatives which all set the A2000 step lift apart from the run of the mill step lift available on the market today.

Features and benefits:

  • No recess required.
  • Compliant to BS 6440.
  • Free standing.
  • Internal and external applications.
  • Single interlocked self-closing upper landing gate.
  • Power driven automatic retaining ramp.

General information

Bleu 700 Sable (Collection Futura)


Nitro-carburized finished steel and aluminium construction

Uniclass 2015
Step lifts (Pr_65_80_47_84)Primary
Specification data - Step lifts
Product Reference

A2000 Step Lift

Size (w x l)

800 x 1450 mm

900 x 1450 mm

1100 x 1450 mm

Top landing gate




Insert requirements.

Standard product features


Nitro-carburized finished steel and aluminium construction.


Bleu 700 Sable (Collection Futura).

Floor and ramp covering:

Non-slip flooring, slate grey powder coated finish.

Entrance configuration:

Opposite ends.

Rated load:

300 kg.

Speed (approximate):

0.02 m/s.

Travel (maximum):

1000 mm.

Number of stops:



Electro hydraulic.

Control logic:

Constant pressure controls.


  • Up, down and stop buttons on platform.
  • Call push buttons at each landing.
  • Landing controls post mounted.
  • All push buttons are tactile and illuminated.


  • Fitted on platform to assist user when entering or exiting the lift.
  • Bi parting traveling barriers arms on end of platform.


Automatic power driven travelling ramp/ wheelstop on platform.

Arrival chimes:

Provided to announce lift arrival at landings.

Top landing gate:

Single swing interlocked gate, manually operated with self-closer.

Safety features:

  • Alarm: The unit has a battery backed alarm.
  • Emergency lowering: Manual emergency lowering provided. In the event of mains power failure the lift can be lowered to the ground floor by operating a push button below the internal control panel.
  • Emergency operation: The lift will operate up to 15 full cycles in event of power failure.
  • Safety gear: The use of anti-rupture valve prevents the rapid descent of the lift in the event of a hydraulic hose or pump failure.
  • Gate release: By special supplied key.
  • Safety edges: Platform and ramp safety sensitive devices provided. A safety skirt is provided around bottom of platform to prevent lift from trapping.

Power supply:

240 V, 50 Hz, 13 A fused spur supply, direct 24 V DC powered, battery back-up provided.

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