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Hand operated curtain track for medium to heavy weight curtains.

General information
Specification data - Window curtain supports
Product Reference

6380 Hand Operated Curtain Track

Standard accessories

Bracket Ref SG 3630

Twist eye endstop Ref SG 6065

Endcover x 2 Ref SG 6381

2C Glider Ref SG 11300 (Strip form x 20 Ref SG 11301)

Optional accessories

Not required

Hooks Ref SG 3582 / SG 3599

Top fix bracket Ref SG 3603

Connecting bridge Ref SG 3620

Return fixing bracket Ref SG 3626

Long universal bracket Ref SG 3655

Extra long universal bracket Ref SG 3660

Endstop Ref SG 6007

Screw twist endstop Ref SG 6064

Standard product features

Profile (w x h):

13 x 27 mm.


Track is generally ceiling fixed with bracket SG 3603.

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