4 Person Cabin Platform Lift – The Midilift SL & XL Plus

4 Person Cabin Platform Lift – The Midilift SL & XL Plus

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Vertical enclosed cabin platform lift offering choice and flexibility, similar to a passenger lift, for up to 4 persons (for those with impaired mobility),depending on the drive travel up to 5 or 12 m.

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This cabin lift takes the Midilift platform lifts to another level, with automatic controls and the look and feel of a traditional passenger lift this will not disappoint.

Perfect for providing access while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations and guidelines governing access to public buildings. Designed to provide an easy alternative to the stairs for travel up to 5 or 12 m. The lift requires no pit and is installed in its own structure-supporting enclosure.

Available in an external or internal specification.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_80_47_95 Vertical lifting platformsPrimary


X12/110 Vertical lifting platform systems

Specification data - Vertical lifting platforms

Product Reference

Midilift SLplus

Hydraulic drive; maximum travel: 5 m.

Midilift XLplus

Variable speed traction system; maximum travel: 12 m.


As drawing

Arrangement for landing doors available from three sides. Consult manufacturer for details.

Landing doors


Timber fire rated - 30 min

Timber fire rated - 60 min

Panoramic glazed




Lifting enclosure

Glass infill panels


Tinted glass infill panels


Steel infill panels, powder coated RAL white (BS22B15)


Steel infill panels, powder coated RAL

Other RAL colours are available on request. Insert details.

Cabin ceiling finish

Painted white (BS22B15)


Polished stainless steel


Cabin ceiling design

Aperture with energy efficient LED lighting

Bubbles with energy efficient LED lighting

Grid with energy efficient LED lighting

Cabin walls

Vinyl skin-plate: Dark grey

Vinyl skin-plate: Light grey

Vinyl skin-plate: Cream

Vinyl skin-plate: Light blue

Wallboards: White 8100

Wallboards: White gloss

Wallboards: Cream 001

Wallboards: Beige 001

Wallboards: Grey 001

Wallboards: Blue 004

Wallboards: Blue 004

Wallboards: Lava dust

Wallboards: Stardust

Wallboards: Ellmau Beech

Wallboards: Light Oak

Wallboards: Alder

Wallboards: Natural Birch

Wallboards: Walnut


Stainless steel

Floor covering

Not required

For finishing by others.

Black stud vinyl


Dark grey stud vinyl


Light grey stud vinyl


Slate effect PVC vinyl


Warm beech PVC vinyl



Brushed stainless steel

Vinyl skin plate: Dark grey

Vinyl skin plate: Light grey

Vinyl skin plate: Cream

Vinyl skin plate: Light blue


Not required

Half height fitted either side of the control console

Opposite entrance

Opposite console


Brushed stainless steel to either side of the console

Additional handrail opposite control console



Auto dialler telephone

Auto dialler with induction loop

Audible and visual notification of floor level and travel direction.

Digital position indicators at each landing

With two tone arrival chime and voice annunciation.

Fixed ramp

For when it's not possible to provide a 70 mm pit.

Key operated controls at each landing

Return to lowest floor on fire alarm

Standard product features

Size (w x d):

1100 x 1400 mm. Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document M and Section 4.2 (Scotland) compliant.


2500 mm.


0.15 m/s.


Up to 400 kg.

Power supply:

240 V AC, terminating in a 10 A type D switch spur MCB.


Cabin ceiling lights with battery backup emergency light.

Power supply:

230 V AC.

Pit depth:

70 mm. A pit is optional, where a pit is not possible, a ramp maybe used instead.

Aperture (+10/-0) (AW x AD):

Dim 'AW' - 1560mm

Dim 'AD' - 1650mm

Standard features:

  • Enclosed cabin with a choice of finishes.
  • Structure supported - no lifting beam required.
  • 900 mm clear opening at each entrance.
  • Panoramic glazed landing doors.
  • Full height light ray and safety edge entrance protection.
  • Audible and visual notification of floor level and travel direction on ground floor
  • Emergency manual lowering and alarm provided by back-up battery.
  • Energy efficient traction drive system incorporated within enclosure – no external control unit.
  • Overload indicator.
  • Keyswitch to isolate lift at main floor.
  • Cabin control: Automatic one touch push buttons on call stations and platform, emergency stop button and alarm with siren along with an intercom system.
  • Brushed stainless steel handrail.

CE marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and BS EN 81-41, platform and liftway lighting.

Product Options

Drive type:

  • Midilift SLplus: Hydraulic drive (pump and motor housed in a separate housing).
  • Midilift XLplus: Variable speed traction system (motor and controller incorporated within the enclosure.

External pump unit:

External models available please contact manufacturer for details.


A pit is optional, where a pit is not possible, a ramp maybe used instead.

Third party certifications
  • Notified body approval to the machinery directive 2006/42/EC
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