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3 in 1 Felt Support Tray


Suitable for use with both full replacement fascia boards and capping of all sizes.


The Easy-Trim 3-in-1 Felt Support Tray features venting and bird comb in a one fix system.

A high quality support tray that ensures any roof underlay does not drape into the gutter, preventing water ponding behind fascias and rotting of roof underlay, thus reducing maintenance levels. The tray incorporates an over fascia vent and the further addition of a bird comb strip to combat bird and insect infestation.

Features and benefits:

  • UV Stable polypropylene - made from 100% re-processed material.
  • Eaves Protectors have 1000 mm length and 200 mm cover width.
  • Designed to resist water ingress and ponding with an easy fit overlapping engagement.
  • Suitable for roofs between 15 and 70 degrees pitch when 10 mm (10000 mm² per metre) ventilation is required.
  • Nesting insect, bird and rodent resistant.
  • Engineered nail/screw ports, with sleeves to guide fixings into the centre of the fascia.
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements.
  • Complies with BS5250:2011.

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15 year


Pr_30_59_29_62 Plastics eaves underlay supportPrimary


H62/355 Ventilated eaves with separated grilles/ trays

H61/355 Ventilated eaves with separated grilles/ rays

H60/355 Ventilated eaves with separated grilles/ trays

H65/355 Ventilated eaves – separated grilles/ trays

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Eaves Level Ventilation

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3 in 1 Felt Support Tray.



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