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200 x 150 mm pressed aluminium shaped profile box gutter.


Butyl mastic tape with low modulus silicone sealant at rivet fix through positions is recommended.


Stainless steel fasteners are recommended.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

SBX6 200 x 150 mm shaped profile box gutter

System colour/ finish

Mill finish

Powder coat, colour ___, texture ___

As drawing ___


1500 mm, code SBX6/2

3000 mm, code SBX6/1

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice

Fittings -
Running outlets


Optional sleeve outlets may be specified.

SBX6/13 running outlet 63 mm round

SBX6/14 running outlet 75 mm round

SBX6/15 running outlet 100 mm round

SBX6/16 running outlet 125 mm round

SBX6/17 running outlet 150 mm round

SBX6/18 running outlet 75 x 50 mm rectangular

SBX6/19 running outlet 75 mm square

SBX6/20 running outlet 100 x 75 mm rectangular

SBX6/21 running outlet 100 mm square

SBX6/22 running outlet 150 x 100 mm rectangular

SBX6/23 running outlet 150 x 150 mm square

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice


SBX6/3 90° external angle

SBX6/4 90° internal angle

SBX6/5 135° external angle

SBX6/6 135° internal angle

SBX6/7 ___° irregular external angle

Bespoke angles available.

SBX6/8 ___° irregular internal angle

Bespoke angles available.

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice

Stop ends

SBX6/10 right hand stop end

SBX6/11 left hand stop end

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice

Brackets/ Rafter arms


Manufacturer recommends direct fixing of this gutter size.

SBX6/29 side rafter bracket

SBX6/30 top rafter bracket

Manufacturer advises against use of this bracket type.

SBX6/31 mortar bracket

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice

Standard product features


  • Size (top x front elevation): 200 x 150 mm. Base 140 mm, back face 160 mm.
  • Thickness: 2 mm.

Product Options

Sleeve outlets:

Sleeve outlets are available as an alternative to running outlets. A sleeve outlet consists of a square plate with attached spigot that may be set into the gutter base at any point, giving increased flexibility and cost efficiency. Consult manufacturer for details.

Finish/ Colour:

Gutters can be provided in natural mill finish or factory applied polyester powder coatings to BS 6496 and BS 6497. An extensive range of standard colours is available to RAL or BS colours. Other colours may be at an additional cost.