Creation 55 Looselay Acoustic - LVT

Creation 55 Looselay Acoustic - LVT

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Synthetic, decorative, anti-static, abrasion group T floor coverings available in tile or plank form with looselay installation and enhanced acoustic properties.

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Suitable for medium traffic commercial areas including retail, leisure, health and fitness, hospitality, offices and other public spaces.


Creation 55 Looselay Acoustic is a decorative range of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and planks. It comprises a 0.55 mm transparent wear layer, a design film and Duo Core Technology. Duo Core Technology comprises a rigid core back layer reinforced with a glass fibre veil, combined with a flexible core top layer to provide noise absorption and comfort underfoot. Creation 55 Looselay Acoustic includes an integrated acoustic back layer. The range comes with an enhanced polyurethane surface treatment, PUR+, which provides good cleaning characteristics along with a contemporary matt finish. It also significantly delays the application of wax. Available in 15 wood, mineral, material and design references across two size formats, offering a good range of design choice.

Features and benefits:

  • Durable construction – suitable for medium traffic commercial applications.
  • Wear group T.
  • PUR+ surface treatment for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Slip resistant - R10.
  • Impact sound insulation of 19 dB.
  • Easy and quick looselay installation.
  • Realistic embossing (nine finishes) and four bevelled edges for enhanced authenticity.
  • Range of designs – 15 references across two size formats.
  • 100% recyclable and contains up to 35% recycled content.
  • High level of indoor air quality - total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) after 28 days: <10 µg/m³.
  • All references also available as standard Creation 55 Looselay (non-acoustic version) – specified separately.
  • Some references available as Dry Back and Clic formats: see relevant product pages.
  • Other products in the Creation 55 range include: Creation 55 Dry Back, Creation 55 Clic, Creation 55 Looselay and Creation 55 Rigid Lock Acoustic (specified separately).

Installation and maintenance:

Should be installed in accordance with the BS 8203:2017 Code of practice for installation of resilient floor coverings. Installation and maintenance instructions are available.

General information







229 x 1220 mm


500 x 500 mm


Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_57_71_68 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tilesPrimary


M50/10 Resilient floor tiling

M50/110 Resilient floor tiling

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles Enhanced data


EN 651.

Use class

To BS EN 685, class 33–42.

Commercial, very heavy - Light industrial, general

Slip potential


Slip resistance value (SRV) (minimum)/ Pendulum test value (PTV) (minimum)


To DIN 51130, slip resistance wet.

Recycled content



229 x 1220 mm.


500 x 500 mm.



5.5 mm.

Colour and pattern

0060 Arena.

Wood design

0347 Ballerina.

Wood design

0441 Honey Oak.

Wood design

0447 Amador.

Wood design

0448 Malua Bay.

Wood design

0455 Longboard.

Wood design

0456 Ranch.

Wood design

0504 Twist.

Wood design

0796 Swiss Oak Golden.

Wood design

0846 Swiss Oak Pearl.

Wood design

0374 Parker Station.

Other designs

0618 Carmel.

Other designs

0860 Norvegian Stone.

Other designs

0876 Ponto Cruz Navy.

Other designs

0878 Ponto Cruz City.

Other designs

Wear layer

0.55 mm.


7600 g/m².

Static electricity

<2 kV.

To BS EN 1815, static electricity electrical propensity.

Fire rating


To BS EN 13501-1 fire rating.

Impact sound reduction

19 dB.

To EN ISO 717-2.


0.25 W/m·K.

To BS EN 12524.

Surface treatment


VOC emissions

<10 µg/m³.

To ISO 16000-6, TVOC after 28 days.

Product Reference

Creation 55 Looselay Acoustic LVT

Wear group


To BS EN 649.

Environmental information



Recycled content


Third party certifications
  • REACH: Compliant
  • CE: Marked : Manufactured in accordance with EN 14041
  • BREAAM: A/A+
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