SteelMaster 600WF Protective Intumescent Coating System

SteelMaster 600WF Protective Intumescent Coating System

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Protective intumescent coating system based on the waterborne SteelMaster 600WF.

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  • Suitable for use on steels exposed to internal environments of up to C3 corrosive category, as defined in ISO 12944-2.
  • Applications include airports, shopping centres, sports stadia, high-rise buildings and multipurpose development blocks.


A waterborne, full EPA VOC-compliant and advanced technology fire protector. This thin-film intumescent coating is specially formulated to offer 60 minutes' sustainable fire protection for structural steel applications, without the need for excessive coats, making it a cost-effective fire protector for safeguarding the integrity of steel structures in fire situations.

The product can be used as mid coat or finish coat in atmospheric environments and is suitable on approved primers on carbon steel substrates.

Features and benefits:

  • Engineered for a better environment.
  • Waterborne; full EPA VOC-compliant.
  • Suitable for cost-effectively lowering VOC output.
  • Ready to use.
  • All steel sections easily covered.
  • Easy airless spray application - reduced application time.
  • Reduced site costs.
  • The product has been independently tested, and is deemed to be compliant with the most stringent green building rating systems like LEED or BREEAM.

General information


Consult manufacturer for details.





18.5 L

Uniclass 2015

Ss_40_90_40_42 Intumescent coating systemsPrimary

Specification data - Intumescent coating systems Enhanced data

System application

On site.



Consult manufacturer for further details.


Not required.

Pilot QD Primer.

Penguard Express.

Penguard Express ZP.

Penguard WF.

LEED system.

Intumescent coat

SteelMaster 600WF Protective Intumescent Coating.

Composition: Waterborne, acrylic, thin-film intumescent coating. Colour: White.


Not required.

Hardtop XP.

Gloss finish.

Hardtop XPL.

Matt finish.

Hardtop Eco.

Gloss finish.

Hardtop AX.

Gloss finish.

Hardtop Design Metallic.

Semi-gloss finish.

Hardtop Eco Mat.

Matt finish.

Bolt head and nut protection

As finish.


Manufacturer's standard.

Consult manufacturer's application guide for detailed instructions.

Product Reference

SteelMaster 600WF Protective Intumescent Coating System

Third party certifications

Additional certifications:

  • European Committee for Standardization: EN 13381-8 : 600WF protective intumescent coating

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