Trace Heating Cable


  • Suitable for protecting fire sprinkler systems from freezing.
  • Can be used in gutters and on roofs to prevent ice and snow build up.
  • Can be used for maintaining process temperatures in manufacturing.


Trace heating cables provide focused and controllable heat to prevent pipes and gutters from freezing, or to maintain process temperatures. The specialist cables ‘self-regulate’ their temperature so they cannot overheat. A wide variety of high quality European manufactured trace heating cables and a comprehensive range of thermostats to control them are available.


  • Up to 1.25 mm² bus wire.
  • Self-regulating heating element.
  • Thermoplastic insulation.

Protection from overheating cables:

As the trace heating cables lower their wattage output when they heat up, in normal circumstances the cables can be crossed over on top of each other and there is no chance that they will burn out or overheat. This allows particularly cold areas such as taps, joints or tanks to have multiple layers of trace heating without risking damaged cables, in direct contrast to constant Wattage heating cables which cannot be crossed over without risking damage.

Features and benefits:

  • EX approved heating cables for use in hazardous areas.
  • Choice of aluminium shielded cables, or braided earth shield cables, for hazardous areas.
  • Cables are supplied by the meter and can be cut to length on site.
  • Ready-made units for internal use within water pipes.

General information


S90/565 Trace heating tape for pipelines

Specification data Enhanced data

Product Reference


12 W/m.


17 W/m.


23 W/m.


28 W/m.


12 W/m. EX-approved.

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Heat Mat Trace Heating Datasheet

Heat Mat Trace Heating Datasheet

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