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Fyrehalt Evolution


Suitable for medium to very large openings in various building applications, such as:

  • Offices and vertical schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Airports.
  • Interconnecting stairs, light wells and atriums.
  • Openings in fire compartment walls and separation of fire compartment.


Fyrehalt Evolution is a fire and smoke concertina curtain. It has continuous overhead drive system and controls that prevent out of sync operation over massive spans. Some of its features include:

  • Fire tested in accordance with AS 1530.4
  • Polygonal shapes can be created for closed systems.
  • Able to zigzag across a space for open systems.
  • Can be installed in a straight line, in 'L' shape and in 'C' shape.
  • Gravity fail safe.

General information


Pr_25_80_79_14 Concertina fire curtains



08330 Roller Shutter Doors

10240 Grilles and Screens

NATSPEC National Classification System

0454 Overhead Doors

1002 Fire Services Design and Install


08330 Roller Shutter Doors

Specification data - Concertina fire curtains Enhanced data



Fire resistance level



To AS 1530.4.


-/120/- (minimum).

Smoke leakage



To AS 1530.7.


Tested system is 3.3 x 3.3 m.

When installed as an open system, additional calculations are required.

≤ 75 m³/h.

Fire hazard properties



To AS/NZS 1530.3 and AS 3837.

Group number

Tested in accordance with AS 3837.


Spread of flame index

Tested in accordance with AS 1530.3.



500 open-close cycles (minimum).

Closing time

150 mm/s (nominal).

Time delay for deployment

Upon receipt of alarm.


Time delay for rewind

Upon reset of the Fire Indicator Panel.


Fail safe close

Gravity fail safe.




Size and shape (maximum)

Available in sizes up to 20 m W x 4 m H per individual leg of curtain.

Indicate quantity of leg needed.


Head box



Width varies depending on specified curtain size.

130 mm H x 490 mm D (for curtain heights up to 3 m).

260 mm H x 490 mm D (for curtain heights up to 4 m).

Side guides



Contact local manufacturer if side guides are required, specifically for non-enclosed shapes.


Bottom rail



Refers to width of bottom tray opening.

294 mm W.


Master control connected to motor control units.

Nominally 1 motor per 6 m of curtain run.

Requires 240 V, 10 A power supply to each box and an alarm signal through a normally closed dry contact to master control.

Integral accessories

Alarm signal.

Should be in the form of a normally closed dry contact. A localised smoke or heat detector may also be used.

Fire barrier

Refers to Fire Shutter performance data.

To AS 1905.2.

Box weight

40 kg/m of system length (for curtain heights up to 3 m).

45 kg/m of system length (for curtain heights up to 4 m).


Refers to maximum pressure resistance.

Contact local manufacturer for higher pressures needed.

40 Pa (fully closed curtain).

Optional features

Battery back-up.

Rewind switches.

Sounders and strobes.

Curtain applied signage.

Bottom bar covers.

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To be installed by Smoke Control approved installer network.

Back support



Fire rated plasterboard with steel or timber stud.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture



Fyrehalt Evolution

Fyrehalt Evolution