Beak Weep



  • Provides an alternative way of releasing penetrating water from lintels and cavity trays installed within a cavity wall.
  • Matches the height of a standard perp joint, but has a reduced front section (beak) shaped to be almost indistinguishable from the mortar joint.
  • The beak is finished in glass-clear polypropylene, and successfully merges with all colours of mortar and masonry making the beak weep unobtrusive and difficult to detect.
  • The discharge outlet is on the beak underside, permitting water and particle debris to wash through and drop from the outlet.


  • Discreet unobtrusive appearance.
  • Protected against direct wind entry.
  • Insect resistant.
  • Direct uniform evacuation path.

General information


65 x 108 mm

65 x 200 mm

For use with extension duct.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_50_62 Perpend joint plastics weep holesPrimary


F30/132 Perpend joint plastics weep holes

F30/8 Perpend joint plastics weep holes

Specification data - Perpend joint plastics weep holes Enhanced data

Product Reference

Beak Weep

Extension duct

Not required.


Permits use in masonry up to 300 mm depth.


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