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Wallbarn Ltd

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Wallbarn Ltd supplies a range of specialist products for the construction of flat roofing, terracing, walkways, landscaping and building envelope including: - PEDESTALS for suspended paving and timber decking - GREEN ROOF systems including the modular M-Tray® - DECKING products including tropical hardwood timber tiles and the revolutionary iDecking EasyClick system - DRAINAGE membranes, outlets, sleeves and channels - PROTECTION membranes and GEOTEXTILES - FIXINGS, ANCHORS and other accessories ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified.

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Trade names

  • ASP Adjustable Pedestal
  • Balance Self Levelling Pedestal
  • Megapad
  • Metalpad
  • Minipad
  • M-Tray®
  • Protecto-Board
  • Protecto-Drain
  • TD Adjustable Pedestal
  • TD Pedestal
  • Universal Pedestal