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Brimstone ash modified external timber cladding

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Being stable, durable, colour consistent and relatively knot free Brimstone ash is ideal for contemporary external timber cladding. Brimstone ash can be used externally and internally and can be orientated as vertical cladding or horizontal cladding. Brimstone ash is produced from ash trees grown in Great Britain supporting the management of our local woodlands. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone ash modified timber cladding at Lighthouse Mews

Modern Arc, a design and build company based in London, have collaborated with Vastern Timber on many projects. This project was possibly the most challenging, being in a tight spot in the centre of London. The client had decided upon a timber clad exterior but understood that many species can react badly to the pollution and shading common in the capital. Collectively the decision was made to use Brimstone ash because of it's natural durability, stability and it's tendency to weather well even in challenging conditions. Brimstone ash is thermally modified, British grown ash produced by Vastern Timber. The cladding on this project consisted of a 20mm board and a 33mm fin fitted alternately. Doors and joinery were also produced from Brimstone ash.

Brimstone Environmental Product Declaration

Brimstone EPD, The Environmental Product analysis for Brimstone cladding and decking, in Ash, Poplar and Sycamore. This EPD was produced by Thinkstep for Vastern Timber in 2019 and provides life cycle analysis of the Brimstone range. This EPD shows 'cradle to grave with options' for the Brimstone range of British grown, thermally modified timber cladding and decking.

Brimstone poplar modified timber external cladding

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Brimstone poplar is extremely stable when compared to non-modified woods as well as being naturally durable and colour consistent. Brimstone poplar is even in colour and weathers quickly and evenly when left untreated. Brimstone poplar can be used externally as well as internally and can be orientated vertically and horizontally. Brimstone is produced from logs grown only in Great Britain supporting management in our local woodlands. GIB third party certified.

Brimstone sycamore modified external timber cladding

Brimstone is the first range of thermally modified British hardwoods. Having a silky grain and being relatively free of knots Brimstone sycamore makes for an attractive exterior cladding. Being thermally modified Brimstone sycamore also has the benefits of stability, durability and colour consistency. Brimstone poplar is produced from logs grown only in Great Britain supporting local woodland management. GIB third party certified.

British larch external cladding timber

Technical specification for British larch cladding. Contains full data for the completion of H21 specification as well as information about the use and fixing of the cladding boards. British larch offers a cost effective timber cladding for rustic dwellings or barn conversions. British larch is grown is sourced from woodlands in England and Wales.

British western red cedar profiled external timber cladding

British cedar cladding offers a British grown and cheaper alternative to Canadian cedar. Although British cedar is more knotty, it's stability and natural durability make it ideal for external timber cladding. British cedar is sourced exclusively from woodlands in England and Wales.

Case study - Canadian cedar timber cladding on Fir View

Self build in forest setting, designed and built by two architects, Liam and Mark. The two chose Canadian western red cedar cladding to wrap the entire building. Originally oak had been chosen but the contractors favoured cedar because of the ease of fitting> Liam and Mark are now sold on cedar and have since completed another build named Powers House which is also clad in cedar.

Powers House. A cedar clad country retreat with a modern twist

Mark Camillan and Liam Denny have a good track record of designing and building ambitious projects. Both for short term lets and as a part time residence Powers House follows hot on the heals of Fir View. Both of these builds are tied together by designs that are both modern but at the same time in keeping with the rural settings within which they are located. Both of these builds are also ties together by the fact that they are clad almost exclusively in Canadian cedar cladding supplied by Vastern Timber. Powers house makes use of other materials such as flint, Zinc and another of Vastern Timber's products, Brimstone ash for the decking.

Self builder chooses Brimstone ash timber cladding for his Passivhaus certified build

Designer and builder Alex Clifford intended to renovate and extend the 1950's bungalow but it soon became clear that the project would require demolition and a full re-build. The site of the house offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and is located near an area of natural woodland. As well as reaching the highest levels of energy efficiency, Alex was also keen to minimise the visual impact of the building. After testing a number of imported modified timber products for the exterior cladding, Alex settled on Brismtone ash, the thermally modified British ash product produced by Vastern Timber. His reasoning was that he liked the grain and the fact that it was made from locally grown material.

Siberian larch cladding used on award winning Miners Cottage

The conversion of two 18th Century miner's cottages into stunning contemporary dwellings has earned Bristol-based architects Design Storey both a RIBA award and the Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating award 2016. One of the keys to achieving this was the addition of a new extension which used Vastern Timber's Siberian larch cladding. The exterior was landscaped with untreated Siberian larch decking. The Siberian larch cladding and decking was produced to fit modules dictated by the client. The client treated the cladding with a dark stain to create an aged appearance.

Siberian larch external timber cladding

Siberian larch makes for a hard wearing external timber cladding and a relatively cheap option when compared to other species such as Canadian cedar. Larch cladding is naturally durable and consistent in colour. Available in two grades and a range of profiles Siberian larch is suited to both traditional and contemporary properties.

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