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Tecno Spa

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Tecno are bold activists and obsessive fabricators connected by their love of making office furniture, partitioning and public seating. Tecno Spa was created in 1953 by Osvaldo & Fulgenzio Borsani, is a manufacturing company with production bases in Italy and USA with sales offices in Milan, London, New York, Paris, Warsaw, Seoul, Tunis enabling Tecno to support multi-national businesses globally. Tecno designs & creates quality office furniture with an emphasis on design detail – These include individual desks & workstations to reception desks, from small meeting room tables to large bespoke conference tables which accommodate state of the art visual & communication equipment. The desking & workstation elements of the Tecno product portfolio concentrate on achieving maximum flexibility through its use of modular solutions. This provides their clients with the inherent ability to continually organise & reorganise their office space in order to adapt to changes in their business. With over 60 years-worth of experience Tecno has fine-tuned the art of direct communication with Architects, interior designers & facility managers enabling them to provide unique & flexible solutions that truly work for its clients. From global corporate HQ’s to public transport hubs, the British museum & European Parliament, Tecno have a solution for every opportunity.

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Trade names

  • Aeris
  • Asymmetrical
  • Basic
  • Cento
  • Graphis
  • Ianus
  • Linea
  • Modo
  • Modus
  • Multy
  • Nomos
  • S142
  • S148
  • Todo
  • Vela Chairs
  • W80 Double and Single Partition System
  • WE Partition System
  • WQUBE Beta Bench Desks