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AOV Smoke Vent 140° SHEV Ventilation System EN12101-2

Smoke Vents AOV provide smoke ventilation fully compliant to EN12101-2. The SHEV Opens to 140° degrees to allow quick smoke extraction. The smoke ventilators feature 50 mm insulation offering 0.43 W/m²K. A glass AOV smoke vent can also be offered under EN 12101-2 regulation. Surespan custom manufacture to your required size from 1050 x 1050 up to 3000 x 1800. Systems can use single or double actuators and can also be offered with a concealed design so actuators are not visible from below.

Fixed ladder for vertical roof access

Fixed ladders are designed for vertical access. The aluminium ladder together with the range of accessories give specifiers flexibility and choice. All ladders and fire escapes comply with relevant building regulations and/or safety standards. Safety Cage is made from 50mm x 5mm flat hoops set at a maximum 900mm centres with 6 no. vertical straps with caged nuts where required.

Floor Access Door for internal applications

Floor door covers for internal application are designed for non-weatherproof situations. The single leaf cover has a flush patterned tread plate lid. Featuring gas spring assisted opening of the lid. The lid locks into position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure. The range is available with pedestrian rating FACTA Class A loading. Units can be manufactured to provide up to 1 hour fire resistance for integrity.

Floor Access Hatches

Our floor access hatches come complete with stainless steel gas spring and hardware. The assisted lift aluminium tread plate or pan type lid locks into the open position with a positive action safety hold-open stay which prevents accidental closure.

Floor Door access cover for Biomass fuel pits and plant rooms

Floor Biomass access covers are manufactured from magnesium alloy as a flush or upstand roof cover. Biomass fuel doors can be operated either manually, hydraulically or electrically as a single or double leaf unit. The patent marine alloy frame incorporates a single or double unbroken EPDM seal to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture, offering water and near air tight seal. Vented, insulated and airtight options are available. Biomass covers can be supplied with mushroom vents, manufactured in stainless steel, the unique design prevents the ingress of rain or foreign bodies, while internal mesh stops deliberate interference and vandalism.

Floor Door Flush External Access

Floor Door flush access covers are suitable for all industries. The floor access hatch is manufactured in magnesium alloy. 5 bar tread plate lid reinforced from FACTA Class A to E loading. Access covers can be fire rated. Flush hatches have a gas spring assisted aluminium tread plate lid that locks in the open position with a safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure. Available from pedestrian rating to D400 loading in all bespoke shapes and sizes.

Floor door to take flooring infill Recessed Access Cover

Floor door and basement access hatch with a recessed 'pan type' lid to accommodate a floor infill to match the surrounding area. HIAC Access covers are gas spring assisted or electric operation manufactured from aluminium. The pan type lid can have a stainless steel trim around the top edge. The access cover is not watertight but is self-draining. Any water passing the seals will be dispersed via an integral drainage channel. Floor cover is designed with a recess up to 80mm to take architectural flooring material.

Floor Door with upstand for watertight applications

Floor door access covers rated at 2.5 or 5kN/m² loading. The upstand floor hatch incorporates an unbroken seal, to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture offering a water and near airtight seal. Our floor Access doors can be fire rated. The covers can be ventilated with removable stainless steel Micromesh inserts in addition to separate individual mushroom vents. The locks are easily opened from the inside and Tee Key operated from the outside

Floor Duct Access Covers

Floor duct covers feature a tread plate lid or an optional recess for vinyl can be accommodated. Floor ducting is manufactured from high grade aluminium sections with a fast and easy installation system The covers are rated at FACTA Class A pedestrian loading and can also be provided water tight, fire rated or acoustic rated to 45dB. Stainless steel grade 304 or 316 can also be specified.

Glass Roof Hatch for access and ventilation

Glass roof hatch skylight thermally broken for roof access. The double glazed 35.5mm unit has a frameless, low profiled design with triple seals and a U-value of 1.5 W/m²K. Gas spring assisted as standard, larger units can be operated via an electric actuator with choice of switches. Glazed roof hatches can be made to any size and any glass specification.

Glass Rooflight Fixed Flat Glazed Skylight

Glass Rooflights have a frameless design to eliminate water ponding, the low profile thermally broken frame has triple seals and 50mm insulation in the upstand for excellent thermal efficiency. The double glazed skylight has a U-value of 1.5 W/m²K. Glass roof windows can be made to any size and specification. They can also be offered as an access hatch or ventilation hatch.

Glazed Roof Hatches

All Surespan glazed roof access hatches are manufactured using thermally broken extruded sections as standard, offering clients excellent energy conservation properties and substantially reducing internal condensation or frost formation.

Retractable Ladder ZIP for roof and loft access

Retractable ladder for loft access incorporates anti-slip treads while, a counterbalance spring ensures that the stairway can be operated with a minimum of effort. A telescopic hand rail to one side is included as standard. The ladder is mounted onto a 18mm timber headboard for easy installation.

Roof Hatch for Access Thermally Broken Cover

Roof hatch provide an easy solution for roof access for use with retractable ZIP ladders, vertical fixed ladders and ship and service stairs for plant and roof access. Surespan Roof hatches are manufactured from aluminium and feature thermally broken sections. All roof access covers come with a 300mm upstand and a curb liner to flash up to. Roof Door covers are ideal for maintenance and repair.

Ships Ladder Stair Companionway

Ships ladder manufactured to BS EN 14122-2:2016. The Ships stair ladders are designed for use in the 65° to 75° range and can be made to any size. Companionway Treads are formed from aluminium chequer plate at a minimum 100mm width. A landing platform is required for ladders over 3m high.

Sliding Hatch for Roof Access

Sliding roof hatches and sliding rooflights bespoke sizes. The sliding access hatch is ideal in areas with high risk of wind. useful for horizontal access to roof terraces via a staircase. Surespan sliding covers are manufactured with a thermally broken lid and 50mm insulation offering a U value of 0.43 W/m²K. Fixed Rails or telescopic rails are available depending on size.

Smoke Vents

Surespan SRHE/AOV automatic ventilators are designed to open in a variety of formats from standard 140° through to 160°. All our standard AOV ventilators are manufactured to meet the requirements of Building Regulations, Approved Document B, BS9999 and EN12101-2 and are supplied CE marked.

Surespan Brochure

Surespan are a UK manufacturer of bespoke roof access hatches, floor hatches including recessed floor doors, rooflights and ladders. All products can be made to order to most specification requirements. We pride ourselves on offering clients the complete Access Package, as we are also able to offer ceiling and wall access panels, glazed roof lights, floor ducting as well as a maintenance free roof handrailing system.

Walk on glass floor cover and Pavement Vent

Walk on glass floor cover and ventilated frame. PaveVent walk-on panels incorporate a multi-laminated upper loaded leaf designed in accordance with FACTA requirements. A specially formed anti-slip ceramic is permanently tempered onto the glass. Where light transmission is not required a plain floor access covers with a non-slip applicant infill can be provided.

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