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Access Covers - Dublin

Surespan supplied a number of SAC flush floor access covers and HIAC recessed floor covers for the Liffey Service Tunnel project in Dublin, Ireland. The €6.5 million project consists of a 260m long, 3m external diameter tunnel traversing under the river Liffey near Ringsend in Dublin. All the access covers were supplied with either a gas spring assisted opening, hydraulic or electric with a retractable safety grid and pedestrian (FACTA Class ‘A’) loading. A hydraulic HIAC was also supplied with a FACTA Class ‘D’ Loading which is the equivalent of a 11 tonne wheel load.

Accessing the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi

Surespan manufactured and supplied over 86 HIAC access covers, hydraulic HIAC, stainless steel internal HIAC covers and stainless steel roof hatches for the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace. The 1800x1800 HIAC hydraulic recessed covers were rated at FACTA Class 'B' Vehicle loading and were hand pump operated via hydraulic cylinders. A further 70+ covers manufactured in Stainless Steel to fit 1220x1220 with 50mm and 80mm recesses. The internal HIAC 600x600 featured gas spring assistance, 20mm recess for marble and a polished stainless steel top trim. Roof hatchese supplied were 800x900 and 600x600 stainless steel fire rated for upto 2 hours.

Antarctica access hatches

Surespan has been chosen to design and manufacture all the access hatches for the new £22 million British Antarctic Survey research station, Halley VI, in Antarctica, where scientists will be based to carry out research on the ozone layer. The 28 single and double leaf hatches and 9 wall access panels, which are all fire rated, have been designed to provide scientists easy access throughout the station and as an emergency exit. Having been selected because of their engineering expertise and unique skills, Surespan is proud to be involved in such an exciting project.

Bespoke combined Roof Access and AOV

London Architectural Glazing worked on a project which had a requirement for a huge 4700 x 1300 Smoke vent with access however due to EN12101-2 testing, Surespan only have CE Certifiction up to 1800 x 3000mm. Therefore we came to a solution which involved combining a large 3628 x 1300 electric roof hatch with a separate 1300 x 1218mm SRHE/AOV unit combined into one frame.

Bespoke Double Leaf Hatch

Surespan has supplied 140 degree opening hatch doors for the Kielder Observatory, the UK’s latest astronomical facility in the north of England. Charles Barclay Architects commissioned Surespan to design and build two sets of hatch doors for the roof and the front of the Observatory’s two rotating turrets – one to house a 20” Pulsar manual telescope and the other for a small Mead 14” telescope. Electrically operated using a remote control via 24v dc actuators, the hatch doors are specially designed to open in a specific sequence.

Bespoke Glazed Access - London

Surespan are increasingly being asked to provide specialist glazed access and ventilation solutions. One such instance was a recent project at Stratton House in London. Surespan designed and manufactured a “bird wing” style, double leaf glazed ventilator with concealed operating gear from below. The operation of each leaf ensured maximum air flow into the building below and smoke release in the event of a fire. Measuring 2500 x 2000mm and polyester powder coated white to match existing building roof furniture. Working closely with F2 Building Services Ltd who chose Surespan due to their expertise in producing bespoke products.

Bespoke Glazed Roof Access

The McLaren Technology Centre hosts a variety of diverse environments including; manufacturing facilities, a futuristic wind tunnel, restaurant, pool, gymnasium, museum, visitor centre, and exhibition and conference areas. Surespan was chosen to design and engineer the making of a 70m diameter glazed roof structure that would act as the roof for the visitors centre. The structure has two fire escape hatches which would be used in the case of an emergency. The team at Surespan were proud to have been selected for such a project because of their superior engineering expertise and unique skills.

Bespoke Glazed Sliding Smoke Ventilators

AOV Glazed Sliding Smoke Vents These huge electrically operated sliding glazed roof hatches also provide free airflow of 7m² for smoke ventilation! These bespoke designs were part of a redevelopment on Great Portland Street in London. The covers were 4610 x 1955mm and featured an electrically driven opening motor. The covers provide 7m² free air flow (As it is sliding there are no obstructions to the ventilation) according to approved document B (fire safety) paragraph 5b diagram C.7. A further fixed rooflight was also supplied to the size of 4935mm x 1955mm, the multi-pane rooflight provides natural daylight.

Biomass Access Cover - Lithuania

Surespan recently travelled to Lithuania to manufacture and supply a floor hatch to enable Finnish energy company Fortum to access their biomass pit at their new energy plant. The 5000 x 5000 mm hydraulically operated, double leaf hatch was designed to be easily operated by an electrically driven pump power pack. Fortum wanted the simplest operation for a grab crane to gain easy access to the biomass plant so Surespan worked with engineering consultants AF Consult to come up with an effective solution.

Biomass Access Cover - National Justice Centre

Surespan custom designed a hatch to provide access to a Biomass storage plant at the new Criminal Justice Centre, Northampton. The double leaf hatch – measuring 2750mm x 2900mm – is electrically operated by a key switch and has synchronised leaf operation with a safety grid. Rated to FACTA Class A pedestrian loading, it was designed with a chequerplate lid to match the surround and incorporates a rain skirt apron and Sureguard handrail system on both sides. A secondary 1000mm x 1000mm gas spring operated floor hatch was installed with a retractable hand hold and ladder for safe and easy access.

Boxed Glazed Roof Access - Circle Bath

Surespan was selected by internationally renowned architects Foster + Partners to design and manufacture two roof hatches for Circle Hospital Bath – the new centre of clinical excellence due to open late 2009. The huge single leaf glazed roof hatches are electrically operated by push button switches, one hatch incorporating a side door. The high spec glazed lid is supported by heavy duty aluminium hinges and features an integral ‘wrap over’ edge, incorporating double unbroken EPDM seals. The hatches offer a high level of thermal insulation against heat loss and condensation, together with excellent sound absorption properties.

Boxed Glazed Sliding Rooflights - London

Bespoke boxed glazed sliding rooflights with a glazed vertical upstand manufactured for a block of luxury offices and apartments in Putney Bridge Road, London. The sliding lid was operated electrically via concealed 24v DC actuators and a push button switch. The 35.5mm sealed double glazed unit comprises of Pilkington 6mm toughened K polished all round outer pane, a 20mm Warm Edge silver spacer bar that is argon filled, and a Pilkington 9.5mm toughened & laminated inner pane. The sealed glazed unit has a U-Value of 1.5 W/m²K.

Double Leaf Roof Hatch - National Oilwell Varco

Staff at National Oilwell Varco were unable to build tall manifold assemblies due to the restricted height of their factory. The only solution was for Surespan to open up the roof on a temporary basis. Surespan manufactured a 4000 x 4300mm double leaf roof hatch which enabled an external crane to lift the manifold units in through the roof. The electrically operated hatch opens in an automated sequence, controlled by a small PLC and activated by the turn of a key. It was specially designed to open and stay open utilising strut locking to withstand agreed wind conditions.

Electrically Sliding Biomass Access - Scotland

Supplied to a Biomass fuel plant in Coatbridge, Scotland. This 3500 (137?) x 4000 (157?) biomass sliding cover features fixed external rails and electric operation. A further two sliding covers were supplied sized 2500 x 4000 and 1500 x 4000mm

FGL Glazed Rooflight

Surespan manufactured a FGL non-opening Glazed Rooflight for a residential house in London to fit structural opening 1465 x 4200 which was divided into four panes. The 28.4mm sealed glazed unit will comprise Pilkington Insulight™ Therm comprising 6mm Optifloat™ Clear ‘T’ (toughened), 16mm Argon filled cavity, 6.4mm Pilkington Optilam™ ‘K’ Glass Laminated. This sealed glazed unit has a U-Value of 1.5 W/m²K. This hatch was a new design with thermally broken extruded sections.

Fire Escape Hatches - Portugal

Surespan manufactured and supplied a series of fire escape hatches at Portugal’s €950 million underground Metro in Porto. The huge double leaf hatches automatically open if the fire alarm system is activated to allow passengers safe exit to ground level. In addition they can be manually opened with the touch of a button. This project was undertaken after Surespan successfully carried out similar work at Athens Metro.

Fire Rated Floor Access Covers - Hong Kong

Surespan were approached to develop and supply a series of 4 hour fire rated flush floor access covers for the Midfield Concourse expansion project at Hong Kong International Airport. The HK$10 Billion dollar project was completed in 2015 following extensive design and planning processes utilising BIM modelling. Our SAC covers were specified for their fire rating and ease of customisation. The covers were specially adapted with a 200mm upstand and enhanced fire rated materials to achieve the 4 hour rating. Sizes Supplied 1050 (41”) x 1050 (41”) 1050 (41”) x 850 (33”) 750 (29”) x 600 (23”)

Floor Access Doors for Yale University Flush Heavy Duty Cover

Surespan provided a steel SAC Flush Cover to measure 2743 (9'-0") x 4572mm (15'-0"). The cover was reinforced to support a live slow moving wheel load of 16 Tonnes. They were operated via a hydraulic cylinder and an electrically driven power pack. The cover was finished in SureGrip Non-Slip surface coating. Surespan bespoke manufacture to almost any specification required including fire rating, sound reduction, heavy duty wheel loads - To almost any size.

Floor Access Hatch - Heathrow Airport

Surespan has manufactured and supplied a large access hatch in the engine house of Heathrow Airport’s new terminal five. The three leaf hatch – which measures 6 x 3 metres – can take up to 5kN/m² loading. It has an electric actuator opening which can be activated remotely and is fire rated for up to two hours. Bill Burke,C ontracts Manager at Heathrow Airport said: “We were very impressed with Surespan’s proactive approach throughout the whole project.The hatch has been well received by the authorities at Heathrow”

Glazed AOV Smoke Vent - London

140° degree opening glazed smoke ventilation up to 3m x 1.2m. Here installed and commissioned in a newly upgraded prestigious London address. CE Marked and Certified to EN 12101-2. The AOV features concealed actuators along with a double glazed top. 1.5 W/m²K Double Glazed Lid Custom made to any size up to 3m x 1.9m

Glazed Basement Access - Chicago

Ast+Dagdelen Architects approached Surespan to manufacture a glazed walk on basement skylight for use at ground level to bring light and a means of delivery access for materials and goods to their model workshop which is situated beneath their architectural practice. The single leaf 500 (19.5?) x 2400mm (95.5?) electrically operated and thermally broken access hatch featured TripleLite 34mm double glazing with a 1.4kN concentrated pedestrian load. The hatch was finished in a polyester powder coating to match Valspar Bronze.

Glazed Roof Hatch - San Francisco

Surespan manufactured and supplied a double glazed access hatch for use on a private residential apartment in downtown San Francisco. The 915 (36”) x 4115 (162”) hatch was electrically operated for easy operation and allowed easy access to the roof deck for Al Fresco dining in the Californian sun. “The glass hatch is one of the best features of the house.” Glazed hatches feature a frameless design eliminating water ponding. The 28.4mm sealed glazed unit comprised of Pilkington Insulight™ Therm, 6mm Optifloat™ Clear ‘T’ (toughened), 16mm Argon filled cavity, 6.4mm Pilkington Optilam™ ‘K’ Glass Laminated glass.

Glazed Rooflights in Putney

The Brief Our client, architect Scott Brownrigg, wanted glazed roof lights for properties within The Glasshouse, an exclusive new housing development in Putney, London to provide natural daylight and allow residents safe and easy access onto their roof terraces. The Solution Surespan worked closely with Scott Brownrigg to design the roof lights to ensure they were in-keeping with the style of the contemporary building. They were set to automatically open with the touch of a button so residents could easily and safely step out onto their roof terrace.

Glazed Sliding Roof Hatch - London

Surespan manufactured a double glazed sliding access hatch for use on a private residential apartment in London. The 2640 (103?) x 2020mm (79?) hatch was electrically operated via a key switch for easy operation and allowed access to the roof providing views across the London skyline. The sliding cover was finished in grey external polyester powder coating with a white internal finish. The 35.5mm sealed double glazed unit comprised of Pilkington 6mm toughened K polished all round outer pane, 20mm Warm Edge silver spacer Bar argon filled, Pilkington 9.5mm toughened & laminated innerpane, divided into two panes.

Heavy duty access covers

The UK’s leading access hatch manufacturer Surespan has launched a new range of heavy duty access covers which are designed to take loading up to 16 tonnes. The aluminium alloy hatches can take loadings ranging from 5 to 19 tonnes (FACTA class B to E) and are available in standard single and double leaf sizes. They are gas spring operated, making them easy to open, and come with a range of locking options, including Surespan’s unique locking box.

HIACE Single Leaf Hatch

Surespan HIACE external single leaf access hatch to fit structural opening 1200 x 3400 was manufactured and supplied to a residential home in Solihull. This hatch was installed for access to an under ground level gym. Rated at pedestrian loading, operated by two 24v DC Actuators. The pan type door was recessed for 40mm paving slabs infill. The patent frame with unique hidden hinge incorporates an EPDM unbroken seal to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture. Fitted with a retractable safety grid operated by 24v actuator. Supplied with a Zen controlled 240vAC/24vDC electrical supply, transformer.

HLAC Access Hatch - Crawley

Surespan manufactured a single leaf HLAC recessed access hatch to Queens Square in Crawley, part of a £3.2 million project. The 80mm access hatch to fit a structural opening of 1000 x 3500 is operated by hydraulic cylinders and a hand pump. The Operation will be by an electrically driven single power pack, including push button or key switch. Oil supply to the cylinders will be from a hydraulic mini-pack that can be remotely or locally sited. A retractable safety grid was also installed on three open sides, manually operated.

Huge electrically operated sliding glazed roof hatches for Great Portland Street, London

A first for Surespan, these huge electrically operated sliding glazed roof hatches also provide free airflow of 7m² for smoke ventilation! These bespoke designs were part of a redevelopment on Great Portland Street in London. The covers were 4610 x 1955mm and featured an electrically driven opening motor. The covers provide 7m² free air flow (As it is sliding there are no obstructions to the ventilation) according to approved document B (fire safety) paragraph 5b diagram C.7. 2 Sliding rooflights were supplied along with a fixed rooflight section

London Tunnel Access Hatches

Surespan designed and installed four revolutionary new hatches inside the Fore Street tunnel on the A406 North Circular road in Edmonton, London. The hatches are the first of its kind in the UK and have been specifically designed for Transport for London to not only withstand the weight of major volumes of traffic but also allow safe and easy access to the wells beneath.They are currently being trialled in Fore Street tunnel for 12 months. Made of aluminium, they are capable of withstanding D400 loading yet can be easily opened by one operative.

New AOV for Smoke and Fire Safety

Surespan 140° thermally broken aluminium smoke ventilator and roof hatch designed to EN12101-2. The AOV also offers push button comfort ventilation in one package! This one stop solution for smoke vent requirements to meet building control can achieve 1m² airflow and is available in standard stocked sizes or made to any size in between 900 x 900 and 1260 x 1260. Smoke vents come with wind deflectors to improve airflow. - RE 1,000 Ventilation and 10,000 Vent - Offset mechanism for Roof Access - Snow Load SL500 - Wind Load WL1500 - Temperature Class T (-15°) - Fire Resistance B300

Roof Access & Escape Hatches - Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport Company signed a contract for the construction of infrastructure integral to the Abu Dhabi International Airport expansion. The project was set to be delivered across multiple work fronts including airside and landside airport operational areas. Surespan were asked to supply a number of 2 hour fire rated, FACTA Class AA, SAC floor hatches with free standing guard rail to three sides and a hinged gate. In addition to this, a number of Grade 304 Stainless Steel roof hatches with a unique ‘sandblasted’ finish and built-on non-penetrative SureGuard hand railing were also supplied.

Roof Access Hatches - Singapore

Surespan supplied a series of 900 x 900 roof access hatches to the new Data center in Singapore. In interest of security, the hatches were supplied with an internal cablock which can only be opened from the inside and safety hold open stay to prevent accidental closure. The data center was budgeted at $30 million SGD and covers an area of 269,000 sq ft. The roof hatches were used as key access locations for maintenance and repair of the 8 cooling towers installed at roof level supplying up to 1000 watts of cooling per sq m.

SAC Flush Floor Access Cover - Doha

Surespan manufactured this SAC Aluminium, single leaf, flush floor access cover to fit structural opening 1000 x 1000mm. The access cover comes complete with gas spring assisted, Aluminium chequer plate lid which locks in the open position with a safety hold open stay to prevent against accidental closure. Should any water pass the seals, it will be dispersed via an integral drainage channel. The lid is held shut by a heavy-duty Grade 316 Stainless Steel ‘slam action’ cab lock and can open from both sides with the use of a removable ‘Tee’ key., for safety. Finished Self-colour Aluminium.

Sliding Opening Biomass Fuel Cover

Sliding hatch for Biomass fuel pit access. Ideal for keeping biomass fuel pits covered while allowing easy drop off of wood chips. Our sliding roof hatches were supplied to Coatbridge in Scotland. This 3500 (137") x 4000 (157") biomass sliding cover features fixed external rails and electric operation. A further two sliding covers were supplied sized 2500 x 4000 and 1500 x 4000mm

Sliding Roof Access - Ferrari World

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi needed a unique solution to allow for maintenance of rollercoaster carts. Due to restricted space, a sliding hatch was proposed to allow easy craning in and out. Surespan manufactured and supplied a SLHE Aluminium, thermally broken, single leaf, electrically operated, sliding roof access hatch. The hatch was a large 5400 x 4000 structural opening sliding hatch. A sliding hatch allowed maximum clear space. Operated by a 230v geared motor. The lid and upstand are filled with 50mm thick CFC and HCFC free Polyisocyanurate insulation which offers a U-Value of 0.43W/m²K.

Surespan head 'Downtown' For Msheireb Downtown Doha Project

Downtown Doha is a multimillion pound scheme to regenerate the Downtown Doha district. Surespan supplied a wide number of electrically operated glazed roof hatches along with solid top roof access hatches. Sizes included a 3310 x 1120, 4320 x 1110, 3245 x 760, 1098 x 4330mm and the biggest size came in at 4462 x 6654mm. All the hatches were provided powder coated using Interpon D series for enhanced durability. In addition, a variety of other products including wall & ceiling access panels were manufactured from Stainless steel. The largest panel was 2700 x 1600mm manufactured as a double door.

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