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Stonblend GSI Resin Flooring System

5mm thick Decorative Resin Flooring System which is very tough, blending industrial strength with a great looking, durable floor.

Stonblend HDF Resin Flooring System

Stonblend HDF is a nominal 5mm thickness flooring system that combines a decorative apprearance with excellent chemical, stain and wear resistance. This heavy duty flooring system blends decorative quartz in a variety of colours with epoxy resin to produce a very tough floor that will perform in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical, laboratories, cleanrooms, and healcare applications. Stonblend is also available with a recycled content for an environmentally friendly application. Stonblend HDF provides a matt finish with mild slip resistance.

Stonclad GS Industrial Resin Flooring System

Stonclad GS is our most popular product as as its tough, chemical resistant, glossy and can have textures added to provide a showcase floor for industrial buildings. The system can be applied quickly in large areas as the mortar is power trowelled so we can reduce downtime on site.

Stonclad Resin Flooring System Colour Sheet

Provides you with the standard colours for the Stonclad family of products including Stonclad GS and UT. Bespoke colours are available subject to minimum order quantities and additional cost

Stonclad UF Color Sheet (EUROPE 2020)

The Stonclad UF colour chart provides the specifier with all colour options available for the 6-9mm thick heavy duty polyurethane screed. The texture can be adjusted during the installation process

Stonclad UF Resin Flooring System

6-9mm heavy duty trowel applied polyurethane screed perfect for food and beverage and general industrial applications where a tough resin floor is required. Resistant to a variety of chemicals, heavy traffic,high temperatures and impact making it perfect for many applications. Industrial heavy duty resin flooring system An increase in thickness increases thermal capacity and overall durability

Stonclad UT Resin Flooring System

Stonclad UT is a liquid-rich textured resin flooring system offering light, medium and heavy textures to suit a variety of industrial facilities. High gloss textured finish with textures providing an anti-slip finish in the harshest of environments in food and drink, pharmaceutical and general industrial environments

Stongard MR Resin Flooring and Waterproofing System

Stongard MR is a flexible, elastomeric resin flooring system used for positive side waterproofing on concrete, steel and timber. Commonly used in plant rooms, mezzanine floors or anywhere where you need to prevent water passing through a floor at any point or you need a flexible floor finish that will move with a dynamic substrate

Stonhard Resin Flooring Range

Stonhard overview brochure displaying the most popular products covering our resin flooring systems for all environments. Standard colours are shown below the products and technical details can be found in the back cover

Stonhard Tank/Bund Resin Lining System

Brochure showing the large range of resins and reinforcing options to provide protection from chemicals within tanks, bunds and floors. We would recommend that you contact Stonhard UK for specific advice on your application as there are so many options for lining systems

Stonkote HT4 Resin Flooring System

Stonkote HT4 is our 100% solids high build coating providing a tough, high gloss coating that resists a variety of chemicals and high traffic loadings. HT4 is used as a top coat on a number of our systems but can be used as a cost-effective standalone product for light duty areas

Stonlux Resin Flooring System Colour Chart

Stonlux high gloss resin flooring provides a showroom finish for industrial applications. Resistant to light/medium duty traffic and provides a single colour finish commonly used in pharmaceutical cleanrooms and laboratories. Also available as anti-static or electro-static dissipative ESD versions.

Stonres Resin Flooring Colour Chart

Stonres offers a large range of colour options so you can customise your floor with a variety of colours and patterns. This guide provides you with the standard colours available for the Stonres range

Stonres RTZ Resin Flooring System

Stonrez RTZ provides a terrazzo effect floor at a fraction of the price, perfect for commercial spaces with high traffic and increased cleanliness or infection control requirements. The perfect product for universities, colleges, schools and healthcare facilities as well as public buildings.

Stonshield ESD Resin Flooring System

Stonshield ESD is a decorative epoxy screed with decorative quartz providing a durable, textured floor finish with the added benefit of ESD (electro-static dissipative) protection. Perfect for electronic manufacturing sites and areas where powders are used and there is a risk of ignition.

Stonshield HRI Resin Flooring System

Stonshield HRI is a decorative quartz, epoxy screed laid using a power trowel for fast installation minimising downtime. The quartz blended into the product provides a through-colour with a matt finish and light texture for ease of cleaning. Tough enough for light industrial use but pretty enough for commercial applications. Commonly used in pharmaceutical, education and public buildings.

Stonshield Resin Flooring Systems Colour Chart

Stonshield resin flooring systems are availble in a range of colour options of which the standard colours can be found in this colour chart Bespoke colour options are also availble subject to minimum order and increased cost

Stontec ERF Resin Flooring System

Stontec offers a range of large or small flakes to provide a tough aesthetically pleasing floor. Perfect for areas such as atriums, canteens, reception areas, changing rooms and offices Bespoke mixing of flakes can be ordered to suit your design requirements

Stontec Resin Flooring Colour Chart

Stontec offers a range of large or small flakes to provide a tough aesthetically pleasing floor. Perfect for areas such as atriums, canteens, reception areas, changing rooms and offices

Showing 1-24 of 24