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Stepless by Guldmann

Stepless by Guldmann

Accessibility for all

+441347825287 www.stepless.com

Stepless is a division within V. Guldmann A/S specialising in accessibility. Stepless ramps and lifting platforms give the walking-impaired and wheelchair users physical access to the outside world. Stepless offers a broad range of products in the field of accessibility, for use in both private and public buildings. These products, which include ramps and lifting platforms, make life easier for users and their caregivers. They are intended for use in and around the home to allow users to be as independent as possible. Improving the accessibility at especially older and heritage buildings can often present a challenge. The company therefore offer customised platform lifts that blend with the existing surroundings and furnishings. They manufacture many different kinds of bespoke platform lifts that combine dignified entrance for people with impaired mobility with nice architecture. In this way everyone will be able to use the same entrance and do so with dignity instead of being directed to the back entrance.