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High-quality operators for garages, gates and awnings, secure home automation, entrance doors

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Aluminium front doors - stylish, secure and thermally efficient

Groke manufacture high-specification aluminium front doors. The extensive range of styles and colour options, 105 styles, 190 RAL colours and 16 Decoral wood finishes, ensures that there is a door to suit all architectural styles and the surrounding environment. Groke doors are highly thermally efficient with exceptional U-values as low as 0.7ud. The doors are also tested for security being certified to RC2 - DIN EN1627 and can be fitted with SOMMER Entrasys FD, biometric finger scanner for convenience and additional security.

Barrier Systems

SOMMER barrier systems protect parking spaces and property from unauthorised access or parking offenders. The range includes models with both aluminium and steel housing, with warning light options to suit the situation. Booms can be shortened to exact dimensions on site and with the Plug & Go installation makes for straightforward installation. Automatic obstacle detection to ensures safety and all connections for safety relevant accessories are present.

Dura Print by YOURDOOR (A SOMMER Group brand)

YOURDOOR a brand-new range of automated sectional garage doors, with robust frame, hi-tech operators and choice of accessories. Dura Print is patented technology for printing on garage and industrial door panels. Choose geometric and futuristic designs and designs influenced by nature and architecture, or provide artwork, photo or logo for a truly individual design. YOURDOOR your design.

Garage door operator accessories

SOMMER operators a wide range of accessory options for additional safety and everyday convenience. Comprehensive range of easy-to-programme highly secure handsets, including the unique Pearl Vibe to confirm operation by vibration, advises the user of accidental operation and can confirm door status. The MEMO allows up to 450 commands, so ideal for use with underground and collective garages. The Senso humidity sensor will automatically open and secure the door to allow for sufficient air circulation and close again when the correct level is reached. For additional security the LOCK enhances the existing protection up to a force up to 300kg and the Buzzer can be used as an alarm or an acoustic operation warning. Download this brochure for the full range.

Garage Door Operator Brochure

The pro+ and base+ garage door operators have a unique travelling motor operation giving additional power and reliability with extremely low power consumption. Both operators use the bi-directional radio system, SOMloq2, which has 128-bit AES encryption giving maximum protection against hackers. Additional accessories further enhance functionality, safety and convenience and include additional lighting, an option to lock the door in any position and a buzzer/alarm warning to advise of operation or an attempted break-in. The wide range of compatible handsets, including the unique Pearl Vibe, ensures that you can easily programme the handset to set the functions required.

Operators for underground and collective/group garages

The tiga and tiga+ from SOMMER are group/collective and underground garage operators for all door types. Bi-directional radio gives active communications between transmitter and receiver and 128-bit AES encryption and rolling code gives a high level of security. The optional extras such as the Lock mechanically blocks the motor in any position up to an attack force of 300kg (certified) giving additional protection against break-in. The tiga range has a wide selection of other accessories including traffic lights, warning lights and battery back in case of power failure.

Photo barriers from SOMMER

SOMMER produces a range of light barriers to increase safety in situations where automatically closing gates and doors are installed. The light barriers are suitable for commercial and residential use. The one-way light barriers communicate from the transmitter to the receiver on one path. Both the transmitters and the receivers are required for this, for precise detection of objects. Two-way reflector light barriers have the transmitter and receiver parallel to each other in the same housing making them fast to install. Most models are suitable for outdoor installation. Please download for full information.

Radio Solutions from SOMMER

SOMMER radio solutions use Rollingcode technology to make scanning and code grabbing worthless. SOMloq2 uses 128-bit AES encryption and is bi-directional making it highly secure. SOMMER have an extensive range of handsets in a variety of styles to suit your requirements. The Pearl range includes the popular Pearl Vibe, a 4-command transmitter, in a choice of colours and which gives a vibrating feedback on operation. For fingerprint access there is ENTRAsys with an encrypted wireless connection between the finger scanner and the receiver. For requirement for up to 30 doors in a commercial or industrial environment the Flexy is ideal. For a weather proof solution the Telecody+ is the answer allowing up to 10 access codes. Please download the Radio Solutions Brochure for full details.

Roller shutter and awning operators

Tubular motors with mechanical limit switches for both roller shutters and awnings from SOMMER come with a 5-year warranty and are tested to comply with all legal regulations and standards. The operators are straightforward to install and can be retro-fitted to existing shutters or awnings. The tubular motors come in a range to suit the weight and size of the awning or shutter that they operate. Smooth, uniform movement and high-quality manufacture ensures that they will function for many years. Numerous accessories such as light sensors, wind sensors and radio receivers are available. The brochure includes tables that will assist in choosing the correct operator for the situation.

SOMMER base+ garage door operator

The base+ is one of the next generation of SOMMER garage door operators with a travelling motor for optimum power and has excellent power-efficiency. The intelligent operator has self-learning force curve with continual adjustment and numerous settings and querying options via SOMlink. The base+ is suitable for sectional, overhead, swing, side-sectional and sliding doors, and with an additional fitting, also for canopy and side hinged doors. The operator uses the highly secure SOMloq2 bi-directional system and has automatic locking with active counter-pressure at all points. There are also additional easy to add, plug & play accessories such as the locking magnet which locks the door in any position, useful for ventilation and a battery back-up option should there be a power failure.

SOMMER pro+ garage door operator

The pro+ is the highest-level operator, with the advantage of a separate control unit, which can be mounted on the ceiling, the front or rear of the garage. One of the next generation SOMMER operators, the pro+ has the travelling motor for optimum power and excellent power-efficiency. The intelligent operator has self-learning force curve with continual adjustment and numerous settings and querying options via SOMlink. The pro+ is suitable for sectional, overhead, swing, side-sectional and sliding doors, with an additional fitting, also for canopy and side hinged doors. Pro+ uses highly secure SOMloq2 bi-directional technology with automatic locking with active counter-pressure at all points. There are many plug & play accessories such as the buzzer for break-in or operation warning.

Swing & Sliding Gate operators

SOMMER design and manufacture a range of gate operators for swing and sliding gates, including the STArter and RUNner, giving a broad range of options for all situations. Operators use the bi-directional 128-bit AES encryption SOMloq2 technology for high-level security. The range of accessories available allows for maximum safety and convenience for each installation and with highest priorities in safety and accident prevention, the operators reverse if an obstacle is encountered, ensuring safety for people, animals and vehicles, and stopping them from becoming trapped. The operators have an emergency release system to enable you to open the gate or lock it in any position. The self-locking motor gives effective protection against a break-in or unauthorised access being attempted.

YOURDOOR (a SOMMER Group brand)

YOURDOOR - a new range of complete automated sectional garage doors, with no compromise on quality and functionality, YOURDOOR offers popular and trend colours as well as a unique choice of designs and the opportunity to use a personal design to make a truly individual door. A superb opportunity for householders and architects to show real style and individuality.

YOURDOOR IFT certificate

YOURDOOR IFT certificate showing the durability having been tested to 125,000 cycles.

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