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Acoustic barriers for curtain walling v1

Acoustic barriers used as additional mass lines within curtain walling to form a higher performance sound barrier to improve floor-to-floor acoustics.

Acoustic inserts for mullions/transoms v2

Acoustic insulation designed to reduce vertical and horizontal sound transmission in curtain wall buildings, improving the performance of hollow-framed facades and glazed areas.

Acoustic insulation closures - tops of walls v2

Acoustic insulation constructed from semi-rigid composite sheets, designed for use in small or irregular shaped cavities in ceiling voids to help reduce sound transmission between rooms.

Acoustic panel for facade interface v4

A high performance acoustic panel for use where an internal partition abuts a curtain wall. Consists of a 31mm thick multi-layered board that offers exceptional sound reduction. Up to 1 hour firestop.

Black flexible acoustic barrier - suspended ceilings v2

A black flexible acoustic quilt designed for free-hanging in ceiling voids. It reduces sound transmission between rooms and is suitable for use in both new build and refurbishment projects. Mineral fibre free product.

Cavity Barriers & Fire Stops for Masonry External Walls v1.2

SIDERISE EW SYSTEMS have been developed to provide a simple and easy to install method of sealing external wall cavities for fire and smoke in external masonry constructions. EW-CB30 is for use as a Cavity Barrier in accordance with building regulations. EW-FS120 is for use as a Fire Stop in accordance with building regulations

Cavity fire barriers for curtain walls v1.6

Cavity fire barriers and firestops for curtain walling that meet fire and smoke stop, and sound barrier requirements in all architectural cladding panel applications.

Cavity fire barriers for Rainscreen v4.10

Horizontal and vertical cavity fire barriers for use in rainscreen cladding. Horizontal can incorporate up to 50mm continuous ventilated air space; vertical accommodated cladding movement.

Ceiling Void Barriers

SIDERISE has developed a range of products for its Interiors sector that includes high-performance acoustic barriers for use in ceiling voids. SIDERISE acoustic insulation systems have been designed to help resolve the issue of Cross-Talk whilst offering exceptional room-to-room sound reduction. The range includes acoustic void barriers for suspended ceilings, acoustic void closures for tops of walls, and cavity barriers and fire stops for suspended ceilings and profiled decks. The brochure contains product details along with a comparison of acoustic and fire performance.

Firestops for tops of walls v1.2

A one-piece passive fire insulation product for sealing the cavities formed between the top of compartment walls and the underside of the construction above, preventing the spread of fire and smoke and reducing sound transmission.

Flexible acoustic barriers - suspended ceilings v3

A flexible composite acoustic quilt designed for free-hanging in ceiling voids. It reduces sound transmission between rooms and is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Intertek Certificate of Compliance - Siderise Insulation Ltd - XFS

XFS is made by converting stonewool, using a unique manufacturing process, into a pre-compressed form with vertical fibre orientation and aluminium foil facings. The XFS family of passive fire protection products are marketed under a number of product references depending on the application within the building as per manufacturer's installation instructions, for example: a. CH - Cladding Horizontal ‘Closed state’ b. CW - Curtain Wall c. RH - Rainscreen Horizontal ‘Open state’ (XFS + Intumescent) d. RV - Rainscreen Vertical

ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

Linear Gap Seal - LGS v1

SIDERISE LGS Linear Gap Seals are flexible, water resistant, intumescent linear gap seals that expand when exposed to heat. They provide a versatile means of sealing junctions between building elements against fire penetration.

Nexus Core v2.31

Fire safe stonewool core for composite structures such as architectural panels and doors.

Showing 1-23 of 23