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iHelios ECO pro carbon film can create failure-free, comfortable and super-efficient heating system in houses, flats and other facilities. The iHelios system is based on infrared. Infrared rays is a type of electromagnetic wave that has longer wavelength than a normal electric or gas heating waves. Infrared rays don’t need air particles to travel. HEALTH – no mould or dust free, allergy-friendly comfort created by our heating system. EFFICIENCY - cheap in investment, economical to use and super-efficient. COMFORT - trouble- free, maintenance – free, easy to control. ECOLOGY – eco pro system that is safe for the environment, reduces CO2 emissions. SYSTEM EFFICIENCY - is over 99% of the electric energy supplied to the heating foil is converted into heat. THERMAL COMFORT - at a lower temperature on average, 1-4°C lower than using a conventional electric or gas system; every 1° C saves from 8-10%. CONTROL - with an accuracy of 1°C gives additional savings of up to 20%.

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