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Design Manual - Aluminium Components

The Rondo Alumnium Ceiling System is an alternative to the Rondo DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System. Unlike the DUO system, the Aluminum Main Tee to Cross Tee intersection is a butt joint which provides a flat, ghost free surface into which the ceiling panel fits. The Cross tees have integrated locking tags enabling them to snap together positively at intersections whilst the Main Tee has a separate splicing plate to join lengths of the Main Tee together.

Design Manual - DONN Exposed Grid Ceiling System

The Rondo Donn Exposed Grid Ceiling System includes the popular 24mm face grid and more slimline 15mm face grid option to give designers an alternative grid apperance and installers a system they already know. The well-known Donn Quick Release Clips (QRC) are located on the ends of Rondo Donn Cross Tees to enable fast and easy installations without the need for mechanical tools or fixing. Transitions between exposed and concealed grid ceilings are also made possible with Rondo Donn Grid Ceiling System being fully compatible with out Rondo XPRESS Drywall Grid Ceiling System.

Design Manual - DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System

Rondo DUO is a practical ceiling system which has a complete range of main sections and complementary parts so that you can adapt the modules to suit your design needs. Expertly engaged for fast assembly on site. Cross Tees will positively lock into each other through the Main Tee with a gentle push, to create a study structure for your ceiling requirements. It is suitable for: steel ceiling grid systems; aluminium ceiling grid systems; drop-in configurations; one-way semi-concealed configurations; seismic designs; bulkhead designs and linear diffusers.

Design Manual - DUPLEX Internal Stud Framing System

Rondo Duplex is one stud that does the job of two. It's perfect for door openings and glazing in internal wall framing applications where you typically need to install a boxed stud configuration. Less products to install means much quicker installations, delivering you with the all-important labour cost savings. It is suitable for: replacing single boxed studs to support door frames; internal glazing and door jambs; access openings for services with the wall framing; internal load bearing walls by Rondo Engineered Design; and incorporation into standard Rondo narrow flange steel internal wall framing.

Design Manual - EXANGLE Drywall Finishing Sections

The EXANGLE range of building board finishing profiles are designed to give plasterers a clean, defined edge on straight or curved details for internal building board applications. It is suitable for: internal and external corners; shadowline applications; Flashing in wet areas; archways; control joints; edge capping; and bullnose corners. Some of the components include P35 control joint; corner beads; arch beads; stopping beads; stopping angles; shadowline combination set bead; casing beads, internal angles; bullnose sections; and finishing sections.

Design Manual - EXANGLE RT Render & Texture Finishing Sections

The EXANGLE RT range of profiles are designed to give plasterers a clean, defined edge on straight or curved details for render and texture applications. It is suitable for: external corners; exterior applications (specified products only); shadowline; edge capping; and control joints. Some of its components include: internal render corner beads; render stopping beads; bullnose sections; external render & texture beads; and control joint using ER11.

Design Manual - KEY-LOCK Concealed Suspended Ceiling System

Whether you are looking to direct fix or fully suspend your plasterboard ceiling, the Rondo KEY-LOCK Concealed Suspended Ceiling System is designed to produce high quality structure for a flawless, flush or featured finish. The KEY-LOCK system can also be used as a framework to line virtually and existing wall or substrate. The system is suitable for: flush plasterboard ceilings; direct fix or fully suspended applications; non-fire rated systems; fire related systems; acoustic designs available; and Seismic Designs available. Some of the components include 127 Top Cross Rail; 129 - 28mm Furring Channel; and 308 - 16mm Furring Channel.

Design Manual - MAXIframe External Wall Framing System

The Rondo MAXIframe External Wall Framing system is paving the way for light-weight steel framing in external wall construction. The system has been expertly engineered to offer builders a more efficient, versatile and cost effective design option than traditional external wall framing construction methods. It is suitable for: external wall systems; vented external walls; non-vented external walls; load bearing walls by design; windows and door jambs; non-fire rated systems; fire rated systems; dual exterior cladding and interior linings support; insulation in wall cavity; access for services within outer walls. Some of its components include: MAXIjamb and Nogging Track.

Design Manual - Quiet Stud Acoustic Stud System

Rondo Quiet Stud is a major breakthrough in acoustic control. Its unique design, combined with appropriate lining board systems, forms an effective buffer against unwanted noise and a cost-effective solution to Australia's acoustic control provisions. Fast and simple to install, it leaves more usable floor space in a similar footprint and is almost exactly the same as standard drywall construction, resulting in lower installation costs and virtual fall-safe acoustic wall system. It is suitable for: acoustic control provisions; acoustic wall system; non-fire related systems; fire rated systems; and inter-tenancy walls.

Design Manual - Rondo Accessories

Rondo has a range of accessories to complement the steel wall and ceiling systems, which include Top Hats (medium/heavy duty), reveal beads, angles as well as a rod bending tool for suspended ceiling applications. The top hats are suitable for internal and external applications; higher wind loading areas or with heavy duty sheeting; and vertical fascias and soffits. The heavy duty steel angles are suitable for autoclaved aerated concrete panel systems (AAC) and steel framing requirements for facade systems. The reveal beads are suitable for window openings. The speed panel channel and angle is suitable for 78mm speedpanel systems. Lastly, the rod bender is suitable for Rondo 121 Plain Road and 122 Threaded One End Road.

Design Manual - Rondo Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Systems

This manual provides information on the performance of the Rondo range of acoustic products when incorporated in common installation scenarios and includes compliant systems for the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) and New Zealand Building Codes (NZBC) for acoustic insulation criteria. This information will assist engineers and designers in meeting the building code acoustic requirements with confidence, when using the Rondo acoustic range. It is suitable for Rondo Wall and Ceiling Systems as detailed throughout this manual.

Design Manual - Steel Stud Drywall Ceiling Systems

Steel studs may be used as ceiling joints, especially in situations where it is difficult to install a suspended ceiling. Typical applications would be corridors, bathrooms or open roof areas. This design manual includes a table which sets out the maximum spans for Rondo steel studs. They also show the minimum rows of bridging. Bridging in a ceiling serves the same purpose as noggings in a wall. An installation guide is also included which covers the information about mechanical joints, friction joints, bulkheads and span tables.

Design Manual - Steel Stud Drywall Framing System

The Rondo Steel Stud Drywall Framing System provides a durable, practical and lightweight structure for internal plasterboard walls and for specific external wall systems. The availability of various sizes, complimentary components such as noggin tracks, curved track and special cleats ensure Rondo Stud and Track wall systems are available to suit almost all situations. It is suitable for: non-load bearing partition walls; load bearing walls by design; steel stud ceiling systems; window and door jambs; non-fire related systems; fire related systems; acoustic wall systems by design; external wall systems by design; light weight floor joists; and bulkheads. Some of its components include: Lipped Wall Studs (Fire Tested); Wall Track; Slotted Deflection Head Track; and Flexible Track.

Design Manual - WALK-ABOUT Trafficable Ceiling System

The Rondo WALK-ABOUT System provides a framework onto which a trafficable platform can be installed in the plenum area above ceilings for serving mechanical and electrical services. Using standard Rondo steel stud profiles with purpose made joiners and clips, the WALK-ABOUT system is suspended from the structure above to provide a safe and secure access to services whilst simultaneously providing a support for the ceiling beneath. It is suitable for: steel ceiling grid systems; supporting a walking platform in the ceiling plenum; seismic designs; and supporting of direct fixed or fully suspended ceilings beneath.

Installation Guide - Rondo DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems

Rondo Duo Exposed Grid Ceiling System is a practical ceiling system which has a complete range of main sections and complimentary parts so that you can adapt the modules to suit your design needs. The DUO System allows for integration with other Rondo suspended ceiling systems in the same place and is available in both seismic and acoustic designs. It is also able to support acoustic and plasterboard ceiling tiles in non-fire rated environments. It is suitable for: steel ceiling grid systems; aluminium ceiling grid systems; drop-in configurations; one-way semi-concealed configuration; acoustic systems available (by design); seismic systems available (by design); bulkhead designs; and linear diffusers.

Rondo Professional Design Manual 2015

The Rondo Professional Design Manual has been developed for industry professionals that require detailed technical information for design or installation of Rondo wall and ceiling systems, as well as our complementary accessories. In this Design Manual you will find information on all of our systems, including the components within each system, typical application details, installation information, design tables and other important material. In addition, Rondo can provide professional engineering services and advice in the design of non-standard ceiling and wall framing systems where specific wind pressure or seismic design is to be accommodated for, as well as design assistance with difficult bulkhead construction or curved walls or ceilings.

Technical literature - XPRESS Drywall Grid System

The Rondo XPRESS Drywall Grid System is light-weight and simple to install. The main tee and cross tee connection uses the same patented QRC clip technology that is known and preferred by installers and found in the Rondo DONN Exposed Grid System. With an ability to be used in acoustic, seismic and fire-rated applications, the Rondo XPRESS Drywall Grid System offers design flexibility for flush ceilings, bulkheads and boxed soffits. It is suitable for: concealed ceiling systems; plasterboard, fibrous plaster and fibre cement linings; direct fix or fully suspended applications; seamless transitions from a concealed to exposed grid ceilings; bulkheads and boxed soffits; corridors, without the use of suspension hangers; fire-rated applications; seismic requirements and acoustic requirements.

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