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EshaVent is an SBS modified bituminized fibreglass fleece, indirectly thermally activated coating, perforated aluminium foil and removable film (patented) on the underside. Suitable for all types of roof with a flat or sloped roof construction on new build or refurbishment. For all applicable roofing systems see Esha System Information Sheets and KOMO certificate.


KOMO certificate: K66713, NL-BSB: K66717, FM approved ID: 3017648, CE-0620.


Green roof planting and vegetation system.

PermaQuik Inverted Roof System

A one-part hot applied rubberized bitumen membrane for use on inverted flat roofs, with limited pedestrian access.

Reservoir board

A lightweight moisture retaining board for use in green roof applications.

Root protection membrane

A modified bitumen membrane suitable for providing root protection in green roof applications.

Separation film

A polyethylene slip layer for use in green roof applications.

Showing 37-69 of 69