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Rada Healthcare Product Selector

Rada is the expert in commercial showering and Washroom applications, offering a broad range of products specifically designed, developed & manufactured to meet the specialised needs of the healthcare sector, along with technical support, on-site guidance and after sales service.

Rada Outlook - Ultimate Washroom Control Technology

Rada Outlook is a 6 outlet digital thermoatatic mixing valve system. Enabling precise water management across any configuration of showering and hand washing controls. - Digitally controlled valve for 6 showers/taps - Programmable water temperature and flow times - Automatic duty flushin / Supervised thermal disinfection - Data download for L8 compliance - Connect to a BMS for building - wide washroom management (Modbus Protocal).

Rada Product Selector - Commercial Washroom Controls

Our intuitive guide is designed to aid the selection of appropriate washroom controls. Grouped by application, each product is presented with relevant information, best practice applications, key features and benefits, approvals and plumbing schematics.

Rada S.PA 1 Shower Panel

Rada S.PA 1 is the innovative new slimline sports shower panel with integrated electronic button control and programmable flow options to save water and energy, plus timed duty flush settings to comply with legionella regulations for public washrooms. Robust and durable enough for the most demanding environments, yet stylish enough to complement high-end washroom design, it is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Rada V10 Shower

The new V10 is our latest evolution in commercial sequential shower controls. It shares the same heritage as the proven Meynell V6 with robust build quality, proven over many years of continuous use in schools, university halls of residence, leisure centres and hotels. Small in scale V10 minimises environmental impact but delivers maximum performance and reliability with contemporary styling.

Rada V12 Shower

The Rada V12 has been designed around the principles of inclusive design to meet the needs of the widest possible audience, irrespective of age or physical ability. With its light touch control, intuitive lever movement combined with clear graphics and optional diverter, it can be safely specified for washrooms in any building for public or private use.

Showing 1-7 of 7