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A beautifully engineered collection of high design luxury vinyl tiles developed for heavy traffic environments, Affinity255 is an eclectic mix of authentically reproduced wood plank designs, incorporating contemporary and recycled timber patterns. Skillfully replicating the natural variations found within solid wood, through the use on tonal hues and surface textures, each of Affinity255's designs have been developed to suit an array of different interior schemes and come in a single, wide plank format. The innovative new 2mm gauge allows Affinity255 to be installed alongside 2mm vinyl sheet flooring, providing a seamless flooring solution that flows throughout commercial installation.

Bloc PUR

New Bloc PUR from Polyflor gives you that extensive choice to create tonal, complementary or harmonious interior design schemes through the availability of a broad spectrum of 16 enticing colours. Featuring a fully pigmented homogeneous PVC wear layer of pure colour with a textured emboss, Bloc PUR is a high performance, heavy duty sheet floorcovering ideally suited for use within the retail, leisure and commercial sectors. Colour is a choice. It can be elegant and timeless, contemporary and fresh or high on drama and so the question is...


The Camaro flooring collection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) has been developed with you and your home firmly in mind. Following extensive design, trend and performance research we have put together a collection of authentic, creative and practical floor coverings assured to enhance any home interior. Developed in conjunction with a team of commissioned artists and experienced product designers, each item is based on the natural allure and beauty of wood, stone, slate and marble.

Designatex Brochure

The type of floor you choose for your home plays an integral part in creating the décor and atmosphere you wish to achieve. Everyone wants to walk into a home that is both warm and welcoming, without compromising on style and durability. Designatex is a collection of wood and stone effect floorcoverings, all beautifully replicated to give the appearance of natural textures to enhance your homes interior. Drawing inspiration from various wood species and stone finishes, including rustic reclaimed planks to smooth contemporary tiles, Designatex has a design to suit every room in your home.

Expona Bevel Line

Expona Bevel Line is a collection of bevel edged luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the natural beauty of stone, designed for use in heavy commercial areas.

Expona Commercial

The Expona Commercial range was created to realise this vision with reproductions of the widest range of natural and man-made materials combined with innovative modern finishes. Expona is not just a byword for flooring expertise but a symbol of quality, representing the pinnacle of modern manufacturing techniques coupled with cutting edge trends. Expona floors are not just solutions, they are ideas upon which concepts can be built, and the finest commercial interior spaces can be created.

Expona Control

Welcome to the world of Expona Control - a floorcovering of which you will not have experienced before - one of pure innovation and clear understanding of the commercial industry. Polyflor have taken the great opportunity of fusing high-design aesthetics with sustainable performance, by marrying two key areas; luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) & safety flooring, into one exceptional product.With a combined history of over 50 years of expertise and creativity in the manufacturing of these product types, we continuously learn from our own experiences and that of our customers, to be able to introduce a brand new flooring concept.

Expona Design

Introducing a new concept in high-design flooring, each of Expona Designs heavy commercial floor coverings has been expertly curated using authentic reproductions of natural materials and harmonious colour tones, so they can be used in conjunction with one another to create movement within an interior. By adding shade and surface texture variation within each floor tile, across a variety of elegant contemporary and decorative designs including innovative graphic design effects, this range will help shape the atmosphere of a room or commercial environment to give the user a feeling of recognition and comfort.

Expona EnCore Rigid Loc

Whether designing a large scale commercial installation or a warm and inviting home interior scheme, aesthetics are just as important as practicality, especially when considering your floor covering.Expona EnCore Rigid Loc offers a flooring solution that caters for both commercial and domestic interiors. The rigid construction, acoustic layer and use of 5G-i locking technology provides superior performance in a quick to install floor covering.The collection of 12 faithfully replicated wood designs have been expertly selected for their natural beauty and variation for a more authentic finish. Paired with a fine wood grain surface texture to enhance each plank and our exceptional polyurethane reinforcement (PUR)

Expona Flow

Expona Flow PUR is a unique and exciting collection of heavy commercial sheet vinyl flooring with 50 designs launched under the Expona brand, recognised internationally for offering the highest quality design led luxury flooring. Drawing from many years of knowledge and expertise in the development of innovative flooring ranges, Expona Flow is suitable for use in a range of heavy commercial environments including the healthcare, education and retail sectors. Authentically replicating natural wood planks and wood treatments, combined with innovative abstract and fantastical materials, the variety of colour and pattern combinations is vast. Highlight designs within the collection include endless linear patterns, creative stencilled concrete and striking chevron wood planks.

Expona SimpLay

Aesthetics and practicality are key when selecting a suitable floorcovering, and high-traffic commercial interiors require the ultimate expressions of both. The Expona SimpLay collection of loose lay vinyl tiles and planks offer authentic reproductions of beautiful natural materials presented in an adhesive-free product designed to reduce installation time. As Expona SimpLay can be installed over many different types of existing floorcoverings, subfloor preparation is significantly reduced making it a practical choice for many heavy commercial applications including office and retail sectors, and because it is loose lay each plank or tile can be installed, lifted and reinstalled elsewhere without leaving any residue. This highly durable product is 100% recyclable.

Forest FX

The Forest fx collection of wood effect vinyl sheet floorcoverings is specifically designed for a wide range of commercial interiors. The contemporary and creative timber designs are ideal for education, healthcare, office, retail and leisure sectors, developed and presented in a practical, resilient and hygienic product construction.The collections eclectic mix of traditional warm oak planks and cooler grey timbers creates an authentic wood palette that can be matched with a wide variety of interior design schemes, whilst the addition of two parquet effect designs adds to the collections versatility.

Homogeneous PUR Brochure - featuring Pearlazzo PUR, Prestige PUR, Classic Mystique PUR, Mystique PUR, 2000 PUR, Floorcare, Environment and Technical Specifications

Polyflor PUR range of products is the perfect choice of homogeneous floorcoverings. From traditional marbleised to sophisticated non-directional decorations, the PUR family of products offers excellent durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and endless design possibilities. Suited for healthcare, education and commercial applications, Polyflor Homogeneous PUR facilitates a lifelong polish-free maintenance regime, leading to maintenance cost savings. Positive environmental credentials and benefits are built into the flooring and there can be few materials better suited to recycling than vinyl flooring being 100% recyclable and containing 25% recycled material. Homogeneous PUR polish-free flooring combines toughness, low maintenance and great style for the most demanding of areas.


Homogeneous flooring made by Polyflor in the UK is synonymous with quality and performance and product ranges that are typified by their excellent durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and design opportunities.The latest addition, Palettone PUR, is no exception. Featuring a solid colour base with complementary toned highlights in a palette of 50 shades


For attractive, high performance, heavy duty floorcoverings with a polyurethane reinforcement the Polyflor homogeneous PUR collections - Prestige PUR, Classic Mystique PUR and 2000 PUR are the perfect choice. The latest addition Pearlazzo PUR is no exception. Designed for the modern commercial environment, Pearlazzo PUR continues the theme of combining great style, low maintenance and toughness, which specifiers have come to expect from the existing Polyflor homogeneous PUR family of products.

Polyflor Healthcare Brochure - Experts in Healthcare Flooring

Polyflor has been a leading commercial vinyl flooring supplier to the Healthcare sector over many years, customer focus and continuous improvement are the two principles that have guided the expansion of our products to be environmentally sustainable, easier to use and multi-functional. The choice of floorcoverings available in the marketplace is extensive and to simplify the specification process, Government guidance documents, HTM 61 and SHTM 61 are available to project and design teams, as well as those responsible for the construction of health buildings. Polyflor is able to demonstrate fitness for purpose of products across all categories of performance as outlined in HTM 61 and SHTM 61, to meet project and specification requirements.

Polyflor Technical Information Manual - Specification, Installation and Maintenance of Polyflor Vinyl Floorcovering

British Standard Code of Practice BS 8203 provides detailed recommendations for the installation of sheet and tile flooring on both new and existing floor constructions and is endorsed by Polyflor for the installation of Polyflor vinyl and rubber flooring. This technical manual is intended as a guide to all parties involved in the specification, installation and maintenance of Polyflor vinyl floorcovering. It will not replace the skills of a floor layer and Polyflor always recommends the use of reputable flooring contractors, whose experience will prove invaluable at all stages of a project.

Polysafe Apex

To meet these demands, super tough Polysafe Apex comes complete with specially enhanced slip resistant properties, to ensure the optimum in underfoot safety and added protection to employees. In intensive commercial and industrial environments where prolonged activity means workers are regularly rushing around, Apex provides the required underfoot comfort which allows users to feel at ease and confident on their feet. For long term slip resistance year in, year out, look no further than Polysafe Apex, a sheet vinyl flooring offering the pinnacle of performance to meet an employers duty of care requirements

Polysafe Education Brochure - Experts in Education Flooring

Floors throughout any school or college have diverse needs that differ from area to area and depend on the age of the pupils, expected activity and traffic levels. When it comes to making an informed decision on which flooring to choose, a UK Government guidance document, Standard Specifications, Layouts and Dimensions 2 (SSLD2) sets out the standards of performance for finishes in schools so that consistently high quality environments can be delivered, offering the best whole-life value for money. Vinyl is included as one of the example materials, and Polyflor's products consistently match the variety of performance characteristics required by educational environments.

Polysafe Hydro Evolve

Welcome to a new breed of vinyl safety flooring that offers the clearest choice yet in barefoot and continually wet areas. Polysafe Hydro Evolve mixes a fresh palette of subtle, light hues with a nuance in tone that adds sophistication to many commercial and residential interiors. A combination of imperceptible, colour complementary aggregates within the vinyl and a customised pimple emboss for increased safety underfoot gives clear reassurance in specification. For a safe walking surface in areas where continual water is prevalent,

Polysafe Quattro PUR

Polysafe Quattro has been specifically designed to provide a high degree of slip resistance whether wearing footwear or being barefoot in continually wet areas where additional contaminants such as shampoo and shower gels may be present. The choice of floor covering in healthcare, aged care and specialist care environments can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of residents and staff. Quattro has been designed to enhance interiors, offering a practical solution where people can feel comfortable and safe. Quattro can also make a difference in education and leisure environments, where changing rooms, wet rooms, spas and pool sides require a high degree of slip resistance. Quattro achieves a pendulum wet test result of 50+ (Slider 96).

Polysafe QuickLay

Polysafe QuickLay is a loose lay safety flooring designed for adhesive-free installation and is the perfect solution for busy commercial environments in need of a quick turnaround and where sustainable slip resistance is a priority.

Polysafe Stone & Wood FX

Polysafe Stone & Wood fx is a distinctive collection developed to capture the beauty and authenticity of material surfaces with the built-in reassurance of sustainable wet slip resistance. This heavy-duty vinyl sheet safety flooring features 34 commercial floor designs with high clarity stone, concrete and wood effects across a range of warm and cool hues. The Polysafe Stone & Wood fx collection presents endless possibilities to realise a safe, contemporary interior space. Create unique flooring designs or multi-functional zoning with the complementary stone and wood shades.

Polysafe Verona

The choice of floor covering is essential in creating secure and hygienic surroundings, encouraging an uplifting environment and having a positive impact on all that use the space. Polysafe Verona is designed to create a safe yet attractive interior, combining subtle pastel shades mixed with stronger accent hues and safety aggregates which are virtually invisible to the eye. Engineered to provide slip resistance which is sustainable and assured through the products guaranteed life, Polysafe Verona is made up of the ORIGINAL and PURE COLOURS collections


Make your house a home with the authentic designs and welcoming comfort of Secura. Combining influences from natural textures like wood and stone through to contemporary modern living materials, the Secura collection has been developed to enhance your homes interior using authentic patterns and inspiring designs, whilst giving you the practicality and durability that comes from luxury vinyl sheet flooring.The Secura collection has been designed to be used in every room in your house. Innovative maintenance technology, together with an eclectic array of traditional and contemporary designs gives you a finish that you can be proud of, and will enjoy for years to come.

Specialist Care Brochure & Dementia Friendly Flooring Principles

The care sector continues to be an area where dementia-friendly interior design can have a real impact on health and wellbeing, helping to promote a more positive environment for people living at home or within an assisted living facility. Take a look at the key principles for flooring design considerations over the following pages and delve into some examples of where Polyflor flooring has been used within dementia-led spaces.

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