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Buildings have evolved

NUDURAs offers the UK building community an overview of the key features and benefits of building residential, commercial and public buildings using NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form Technology (ICF). It focuses on the simple principle that NUDURA ICF is eco-friendly, designed for optimal performance, offers maximum energy efficiency and comfort, has greater sound fire and impact resistance and delivers long term value for future generations. With over 50 years of building experience, customer satisfaction is a core principle. NUDURA offers a trained installer network to ensure projects are installed correctly and to code. NUDURA offers training programs for architects, engineers and contrators.

NUDURA Cavity Closer

The NUDURA Lintel Insulation Insert is an easy to use lintel insulation product for use in NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form walls. The insert provides installers a product that provides insulation above and below the window to minimize thermal bridging. The NUDURA Lintel Insert is available in a standard 50 mm thickness, and come in easy to install lengths of 1200 mm. The inserts are manufactured with a unique dovetail configuration so a tight seal is created when inserted into the NUDURA ICF Series of products. Manufactured out of EPS, the lintels can be made to fit any standard core size from 100mm to 300mm offered by NUDURA.

NUDURA Plus Series

NUDURA has always driven product innovation and has led the industry with its innovative line of Insulated Concrete Forms. That innovation continues with the NUDURA Plus+ Series. Improving the thermal performance of the building envelope is a key aspect when looking for energy efficient building materials. Optimizing U-Value with thermal mass has shown to be the best method of providing significant energy savings to building owners.

NUDURA Product Guide

This guide explains the features and benefits of the NUDURA system. It includes DURALOK, which securely locks forms into place; DURAFOLD, which allows the form line up to be easily assembled and shipped flat; and the patented 4-way reversible system, which reduces waste and helps speed the building process. NUDURA is the largest ICF form size on the market allowing 1.115m2 of wall area to be installed with a single form. This literature contains illustrations and measurements plus suggestions how to maximise the benefits of NUDURAs ICF building system. It also explains the newly launched retrofit system, which is a cost effective way of insulating foundation walls, non-insulated slabs and the inner/outer surface of exterior walls. The full range of NUDURA accessories is also shown.

Showing 1-8 of 8