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Adesilex G19

Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive.

Adesilex P10

A cement based powder adhesive for fixing tiles in interior and exterior situations.

Adesilex P4

High performance, cementitious adhesive.

Adesilex P9

Cement based adhesive with good initial adhesion strength.

Adesilex PA

An adhesive based on synthetic resins in alcohol for bonding wooden flooring.

Adesilex PG4

Two-component, thixotropic, epoxy adhesive.

Adesilex VZ

Double coat contact polychloroprene adhesive in solvent solution.

Adesivil D3

A solvent free adhesive for prefinished, water resistant, floating wood or laminate flooring.

Antipluviol S

Transparent water-repellent impregnating finish.

Antipluviol W

Colourless, silane and siloxane-based water-repellent impregnator in watery emulsion.

Aquaflex Roof

Ready-to-use flexible liquid membrane with fibres for continuous waterproofing layers on exposed external surfaces.


Basecoat with mirco-granular quartz and selected aggregates which once applied even out the absorbency of the substrate and promote bonding of successive coats of paint.


Pultrused carbon fibre plates pre-impregnated in epoxy based resin, protected by a double film of plastic.

Cleaner L

A transparent solution for cleaning prefinished parquet flooring.

Colorite Matt

For painting of all types of new, old and painted internal surfaces where an attractive finish with a smooth, matt surface with a high whiteness is required. The products' special formulation makes it particularly suitable for painting cementitious, lime and gypsum substrates which require a high degree of protection and good permeability to vapour.

Colorite Performance

For painting all old and new surfaces including those which are already painted where both an attractive finish and a long-lasting protective coat against weathering. The special formulation of the product makes it particularly suitable for painting all types of cementitious and lime or gypsum-based substrates which require long-lasting, durable protection, good water repellence and permeability to vapour.


Washable water-based paint with low dirt pick-up for internal walls.

Dursilite Gloss

Semi-gloss enamel wall paint for internal surfaces; long-lasting, high quality, stain-resistant finish.

Features and benefits:

  • Consistency: thick liquid.
  • Colour: white or various colours using the ColorMap ® automatic colouring system.
  • Density (EN ISO 2811-1) (g/cm³): approx. 1.30.
  • Dry solids content (EN ISO 3251) (%): approx. 55.
  • Dilution rate: 0-10% of water.
  • Recoat time: 6-12 hours.
  • Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C.
  • Cleaning: water.
  • Storage: 24 months.
  • Application: brush, roller or spray.
  • Consumption: 0.2-0.3 kg/m² (for two coats of product).
  • Packaging: 4 and 16 kg.

Dynastone Color

Coloured cementitious aggregates used for decorating floors and for elements used in urban design.

Eco Prim Grip

Synthetic resin and silica aggregates bonding promoter primer.

Eco Prim T

An interior, all purpose primer used to improve adhesion of levelling compounds.


A two component, quick setting, highly deformable, high performance non-slip cement-based adhesive.


A two-component epoxy adhesive for construction joints and sealing of cracks in screeds.

Eporip Turbo

A very fast hardening two-component polyester resin.


An ultra-fast hardening, self-levelling fibre reinforced smoothing compound.

Fuga Fresca

Polymeric paint to refresh the colour of cementitious grout joints between tiles.


Liquid polymeric additive for Keracolor FF and GG grouts.

Fugolastic Liquid Polymeric Additive

An additive to be used in place of water in order to improve compactness and resistance to abrasion and reduce porosity and water absorption. Fugolastic should not be used when grouting terracotta floors or very porous or rough surfaces.


A two-part adhesive with rapid setting and hydration.


An admixture with a base of special waterproofing agents, suitable for use in waterproof renders and screeds for basements, garages and underground areas, and for canals, swimming pools etc.


A hydrophilic expandable rubber section for watertight construction joints.

Idrostop B25

Waterproof profile made from natural sodium bentonite and polymers.

Idrostop PVC

PVC waterstop for sealing structural joints.

Showing 1-36 of 242