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Lorient Polyproducts Ltd

We design and manufacture market-leading, high-performance door sealing systems.

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Acoustic Smoke and Fire Seals

When fire breaks out in a building the threat is twofold. Firstly, there is the fire itself and the hot smoke generated in the immediate vicinity. Secondly, there is cold smoke which will spread rapidly through the building, threatening people and property some distance from the fire. The Building Regulations take both these threats into account, and supporting documents give criteria for how they can be managed.

Acoustic, Smoke & Fire Containment Systems Product Overview

Fire and smoke protection measures are essential, lifesaving precautions in a building. What’s more, they protect the property from the devastating consequences of the fire itself, and the damaging effects of hot and cold smoke. So it’s essential to get the product selection right, every time and this overview provides a summary of the entire Lorient range of acoustic, smoke and fire containment systems.

Acoustic, smoke and fire door seals - datasheets

Gaps around the four sides of a fire door leaf are essential its the only way the door can open + close. But these gaps create a point of weakness, where fire can take hold + destroy the door, + lethal smoke can pass through. Lorients intumescent seals protect those gaps. Most of the door seals shown here are multi-functional + provide protection against fire, smoke, sound leakage + heat loss. These seals are used in the top + vertical sides of door leaves, or in the frame. The bottom of the door should be sealed with a threshold seal from our architectural seals range.

Architectural Seals

Designed in line with our latest contemporary corporate style, its our biggest brochure to date 78 pages packed with perimeter seals, drop seals, threshold plates, door bottom seals, plus much more. These seals can provide outstanding protection for all four sides of the door against sound, smoke, rain, fire, light, draught, dust and even insects. All architectural seals are manufactured in Lorients UK facility, to exacting standards. Products are etched using the latest laser technology and proudly display the Made in Britain marque. Products include: - compression seals - brush seals - door bottom seals - threshold plates - magnetic seals - perimeter seals - finger guards - drip seals - stainless steel seals

AURA Architectural Seals

AURA is born of the knowledge that good design is aesthetic as well as functional. Every aspect and detail has been carefully considered as part of an overall language — one that integrates seamlessly into your own.

AURA architectural seals product range

The AURA® range embraces a discerning selection of drop seals, perimeter seals, door bottom seals, threshold plates and ramps - all with strong design accents. Every detail of the AURA® product range is considered and designed to integrate more successfully into beautifully designed doorsets and floors. A number of signature design details feature within the AURA® range; including a distinctive curved profile, which not only creates a sophisticated visual aesthetic, but also spreads and diffuses sound. AURA® threshold plates and ramps incorporate hardwearing tread strips which deliver greater grip under foot. The unique reversible design provides either a smooth or ridged surface, depending on practical and aesthetic preferences.


BBA approvals provide independent assurance for the designer, specifier and end-user as to the “fitness-for-purpose” of building products. To achieve this accreditation, Lorient acoustic, smoke and fire seals were subjected to a comprehensive appraisal, conducted over a two-year period. Rigorous audits of the manufacturer’s procedures are regularly conducted and it is a condition of BBA approval that a complete re-appraisal of the relevant products is carried out at, maximum, 3-year intervals. Lorient seals have successfully completed this review process on each occasion since the original approval was awarded. Lorient remains the only manufacturer of combined acoustic, smoke and fire seals to hold BBA approval on its mainstream range of seals.

BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Lorient is quality assured under the disciplines of BS EN ISO 9001:2015. In summary, our Quality Policy is to: - Know and understand our customers’ needs and expectations in order to meet and surpass those requirements at all times. - Clearly communicate to personnel their role in meeting the company objectives, investing in staff via relevant training. - Do everything right first time. - Monitor and measure processes against company objectives. - Create & maintain an environment which drives continuous improvement.

BSI ISO 14001:2015

In 2017, we had our ISO 14001 (the internationally recognised standard for environmental management) registration renewed, and have been commended on the progress we’ve made. Achieving ISO 14001 has given us a practical framework to fulfil our environmental responsibilities. But it has also improved our business by helping us use resources more efficiently; reducing energy use, waste, and raw materials costs. We were also the first business in our sector to achieve this back in 2008.

CF185 Certifire Certificate

CERTIFIED PRODUCT Lorient System 90 PLUS Glazing Channels TECHNICAL SCHEDULE TS25 Fire Resistant Glass, Glazing Systems and Materials

CF330 Certifire Certificate

CERTIFIED PRODUCT Lorient Palusol 100P intumescent seals (with optional SS/AS/TS/FS/DS/Finesse smoke seals)

CF341 Certifire Certificate

CERTIFIED PRODUCT Silicate intumescent seals (with optional SS/AS/TS/FS/DS/Finesse smoke seals)


CERTIFIED PRODUCT Lorient System-36 PLUS Glazing Gaskets

CF5179 Certifire Certificate

CERTIFIED PRODUCT LORIENT LAS1010, LAS1212, LAS1212K, LAS1011, LAS1015, LAS7001si, LAS7002si, LAS7003si, AAS7501, AAS7502, AAS7503, LAS8005si, LAS8001si, LAS8002si, LAS8003si, AAS8501 and AAS8503 Smoke and Acoustic Seals


CERTIFIED PRODUCT Lorient RJ008 Letterplates

Fire Door Inspection Services

Lorient offers a professional and experienced fire door inspection service. Certificated to carry out detailed inspections of your buildings fire doors.

Fire Resistant Glazing Systems

Glazed panels are often required in fire resistant walls and doors to allow vision and natural light. In door assemblies, they allow people to see others approaching from the opposite direction; they also allow fire and smoke to be seen without opening the door - an important safety benefit. However, gaps, joints and interfaces between dissimilar materials invariably form points of weakness and provision needs to be made to seal these effectively. The solution is to fit fire resistant glass secured using one of Lorient's fire resistant glazing systems; which holds the glass firmly in place during normal use, but in the event of fire the intumescent material expands, securing and insulating the glass and protecting the surrounding timber.

IFC Certificate

IFC Certification Ltd is a UKAS approved and internationally recognised provider of third party Certification services – designed to give confidence to specifiers, users, occupiers, owners and enforcement bodies that products have been thoroughly and independently evaluated and will continue to be manufactured to the same specification as originally tested. Lorient has held IFC certification since 2008, having met the requirements of the SD13 schedule for Penetration and Linear Gap seals on a number of fireseal and combined smoke and fire seal products.

Lorient Acoustic Seals Brochure

The new-look brochure details system benefits, which are succinct enough to allow specifiers to make informed decisions about solutions quickly and efficiently. The brochure provides practical integrated acoustic sealing solutions, it also serves as a source of technical information, with an acoustic testing section, details about Approved Document E, relevant standards and much more.

Lorient Air Transfer Grille Datasheets

Air movement in a building is important. Grilles are fitted into walls and some doors; and ductwork to keep fresh air circulating. But wherever air moves, fire and smoke can travel too. In a fire, our intumescent air transfer grilles expand to form a solid block that stops fire spreading. Wherever ventilation is needed through a fire-resisting wall or where ductwork runs through that wall, an intumescent air transfer grille should be fitted at that point to maintain fire compartmentation. Smoke protection is also vital. We offer a range of intumescent grilles and dampers with an added smoke control shutter: our Talkback system.

Lorient drop seal datasheets

A range of drop seals that fit to the bottom of a door and drop down automatically when the door closes to form a firm seal. Options include face-fixed installation, and semi or fully mortising into door leaves, for both medium and heavy duty applications.

Lorient Fire Resistant Glazing Datasheets

Glazing in fire doors + screens is an important safety measure. But adding glazing to a door creates a point of weakness. Where the timber + glass meet, fire can take hold. Also, without support, the glass can quickly slump + fail in the extreme heat of a fire. Lorients intumescent glazing systems hold the glass firmly in place. In a fire, the glazing system prevents the glass from slumping. It also stops heat transferring to the timber, so fire cannot take hold around the edges of the glazing aperture. Our systems include a glazing channel or strip, beading, + in some cases an intumescent liner.

Lorient Free Air Characteristics

Free Area is the area within an aperture unobstructed by the components of a damper or air transfer grille product when in the normal or open position through which air is free to flow.

Lorient Sealing Systems for Door Assemblies; An Introductory Guide

This guide has been written as an introduction to the concept of door sealing. Its designed for students, or those new to the industry who want to learn the basics. It can also be a helpful point of reference when reading product brochures, as a reminder of some of the key points, and for definitions of terms.

Lorient Talkback Specification Overview

The Talkback system has been designed to provide up to 16 damper/air transfer grille locations with one centralised status monitoring location. The unique 2-way communication system between the Damper Control & Monitor Unit (DCM) + the damper actuators facilitates rapid assessment of serviceability of the installation + immediately identifies the location of a defective damper.

Specialised Fire Resistant Door Hardware

Fire and smoke protection measures are an essential, lifesaving precaution in a building. What’s more, they protect the property from the devastating consequences of the fire itself, and the damaging effects of hot and cold smoke. So it’s essential to get the product selection right, every time.

Testing & Technical Brochure

Lorient’s Testing & Technical Services centre offers a variety of specialist testing services for manufacturers and designers of assemblies including doorsets, windows, glazing systems, door hardware to name but a few. Whether you’re investigating new materials, or developing new or existing products, right through to durability testing and benchmarking performance – our team of experts will support you throughout the process. If you’re looking to work in partnership on a longer-term project, we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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