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Restaurant Facade

A highly popular west-coast restaurant chain with over 30 locations in and around Vancouver, Canada required a design solution that provided them with a natural look that aligned with strict building codes. They had to find a replacement for their wood cladding that still looked great and reflected their preference for a west coast aesthetic but also aligned with strict non-combustibility requirements on all their buildings. We worked with the architects to determine a design solution and now our product can be seen on several of the Cactus Club locations.

Sherwood Elementary School

This school designed by SAPP Design features many spaces for collaboration and areas that promote an active learning environment. Featuring Longboard® 6" V-Groove in Light Cherry, the most cutting edge feature of this project is that it is Net Zero capable. A Net Zero building is one that uses little energy and is powered completely by solar panels and/or wind turbines. This project will not initially include solar nor wind power, but will be a very low energy consumer, so the future addition of solar/wind power will make it Net Zero and completely off the utility grid.

Vancouver Lawn, Tennis + Badminton Club

This project located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada uses Longboard® 6” V-Groove in the colours Western Cedar & Light Cherry. Designed by Proscenium Architecture + Interiors in collaboration with our product design department this project utilizes a natural effect algorithm that enables architects and designers to achieve a realistic wood look using two different wood grain colours. The architects at Proscenium utilized this algorithm to create a unique look for the Vancouver, Lawn, Tennis and Badminton Club in order to stay true to their design while taking advantage of the performance and capabilities of Longboard®.

Showing 1-3 of 3