Lochrin Bain Limited

Lochrin Bain Limited

Perimeter Security Manufacturer

+44 (0)1236 457333 www.lochrin-bain.co.uk

Lochrin Bain is one of the UK's leading Perimeter Security Fencing manufacturers . For over 160 years, we have been leading the way with innovative security solutions. Established in 1859, we have been manufacturing a wide range of security fencing products for a range of environments and organisations across the UK. Our extensive range of systems includes our Home Office and LPS 1175 : Issue 8 fencing and gates, and our boundary range of Welded Mesh Panel fencing and gates. We have security fencing solutions for every budget and requirement. Whether you require sports fences or protection around commercial properties, we can offer a reliable and affordable solution for you. Lochrin Bain provide the most up to date fencing solutions on the market. We supply everything, from unique patented steel palisade fences to woven mesh products. Using our expertise and very fine attention to detail, whilst offering quality, flexibility and outstanding customer service every step of the way.

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