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Lignacite Ltd

Lignacite Ltd manufacturing a comprehensive range of concrete blocks

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Ash GP (General Purpose)

New Medium density, loadbearing units, suitable for general purpose walling applications. Ash GP combines good all round technical performance with a high content of recycled material. Ash GP is a medium density concrete block which is robust, durable and suitable for a range of walling applications. Typical uses include the inner leaf of cavity walls when used with cavity insulation, separating or partition walls, and infill blocks in beam and block flooring systems. Ash GP can also be used externally where rendering or cladding is to be applied to the wall. Ash GP blocks provide a strong background for holding fixings. Ash GP is produced using at least 35% of recycled aggregate (by volume) thereby conserving valuable sources of primary material.

Fibo850 Concrete Block

Fibo 850 is an ultra lightweight concrete block manufactured from expanded clay aggregates and a mixture of other naturally occurring raw materials and cement. The clay aggregate is produced from carefully selected clays which through heat expansion are bloated to create a low density porous aggregate with numerous cavities. This is what makes Fibo 850 so incredibly light and thermally efficient.

Lignacite Concrete Blocks

A range of fine textured, loadbearing units, suitable for facing and general purpose applications. Select from a range of sizes, strengths and grades for total design flexibility. Lignacite SP is available in a 140mm width solid block. It consists of a specially formulated mix which reduces the block density to produce a solid block under 20kg unit weight. It is available in all grades. There is a slight colour difference between the traditional block and the Lignacite SP.

Lignacite Concrete Coursing Blocks

Coursing Blocks are available for use in bonding and infill to ensure that a uniform thermal performance is achieved throughout the wall. Their use will save time and money by reducing the need for on-site cutting of full sized blocks, reduce waste and improve productivity. Compared to conventional brick size coursing units, Coursing Blocks are larger, meaning fewer units need to be laid and less mortar is used. Coursing Blocks will also eliminate the risk of differential movement which can be caused when different materials are used in the same wall.

Lignacite's Green credentials just won them Gold

West Suffolks carbon culture has been recognised with top awards for two leading organisations from the pioneering Carbon Charter partnership. Brandon company Lignacite, which is helping to redefine the image of the construction industry, received the top Gold Charter Award.

Lignacrete Concrete Block

Lignacrete dense blocks are suitable for a wide range of applications. They have excellent levels of sound insulation and high strength capability, making them especially suitable for use in separating and partition walls. They can also be used as infill blocks in beam and block flooring systems. Lignacrete dense blocks generally have a face size of 440mm x 215mm. Certain products are produced in an alternative size. For example, Midi blocks are solid 140mm units with a face size of 290mm x 215mm and have been developed for ease of handling whilst providing all the performance associated with conventional size solid blocks.

Lignalite Concrete Block

LignaLITE Paint Grade blocks are a lightweight building product manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 771-3 using carefully selected lightweight aggregates. LignaLITE Paint Grade blocks have a face size of 440mmx 215mm and are available in a block width of 190mm. Their use will assist designers and contractors in meeting the requirements of the Construction Design and Management Regulations.

Thermal Bridging Information - Lignacite

Heat loss through thermal bridges (known as nonrepeating or linear thermal bridges) occur at junctions between elements or where the continuity of the external fabric insulation is interrupted (e.g. at junctions with external walls, floors and roof).

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