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Latvijas Finieris is an international birch plywood developer and manufacturer with products sold in more than 60 countries. Production facilities in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland allow Latvijas Finieris to provide high quality services and tailored technology solutions to customers around the world as experts in the field of birch plywood production. Latvijas Finieris is dedicated to environmental sustainability playing an active role in the forest sector of the Baltic Sea Region, confirming a company commitment to balancing environmental, social and economic interests, particularly with the introduction of RIGA ECOlogical. Riga ECOlogical uses a Bio-Based renewable Lignin glue instead of traditional fossil-based phenol, reducing the carbon footprint of Riga Plywood thus providing a significant advantage in the increasingly green business environment. This innovation is the most significant advancement in Plywood product gluing in decades, with industrial production trials proving that all technical properties of Riga Plywood are unchanged with the application of Riga ECOlogical glue, in cooperation with Stora Enso Kraft. This balance of interests has lead to the creation of a sustainable operation with a positive attitude to modern production methods using natural resources responsibly.

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Trade names

  • Riga Color
  • Riga Composite
  • Riga Décor
  • Riga Diamond
  • Riga Dot
  • Riga Foot
  • Riga Force
  • Riga form
  • Riga Frost
  • Riga Heksa Plus
  • Riga HPL
  • Riga Ignisafe
  • Riga Lacquer
  • Riga Mel
  • Riga Paint
  • Riga Ply
  • Riga Plywood
  • Riga Poliform
  • Riga Preprime
  • Riga Prime
  • Riga Rhomb
  • Riga Silent
  • Riga Smooth Mesh
  • Riga Superwire
  • Riga Tex
  • Riga Timber
  • Riga Trans