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Sustainable Tiling Systems

+44 (0)845 208 0040 www.kerakoll.co.uk

Kerakoll is one of the world's leading chemical companies for the building industry, with major international divisions producing professional laying systems, specialising in tiling and flooring systems. As a global leader in sustainable tiling and construction products we innovate and manufacture the most sustainable products in todays market. With many patented innovations such as, Fugabella Color, the worlds first grouting mortar without the use of both Portland cement and Silica, BioGel No limits, the worlds first gel adhesive without the use of silica we stand at at the forefront of the tiling industry and sustainable building. Screed/Levelling/Primers/Waterproofing/tile Adhesive/tile Grouts/ resin grout/epoxy grout/ smoothing compounds/ wet rooms/spas systems/sustainable tile adhesive/

Kerakoll is a RIBA CPD Provider

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